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The life force energy that Reich is talking about is orgasmic potential, a pulsing energy alive in us all the time. Our cultural imagination of sex and climax is based on a male arousal trajectory.

Andrew Yang

It also is typically fast, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Full female arousal, which means full engorgement and blood flow to the erectile tissue, takes from minutes. Women have just as much erectile tissue as men but it is mostly internal. However, when a woman are fully aroused, there is a visible difference in her vulva. It puffs out like a flower in full bloom. What I know to be true now, after working as a sexological bodyworker, is that most women have not experienced their own full arousal, because most of their sexual experiences are under 30 minutes.

I also know that most women have never experienced penetrative sex while fully aroused. For this reason, they have not experienced their full orgasmic potential. They may have had fast clitoral climaxes with vibrators, themselves, or partners, but they simply have not had the time to be fully aroused before penetrated so they are able to experience an orgasmic state.

I know this is shocking. The good news is this: if you are just now hearing about how your female anatomy works, you have worlds of pleasure, exploration and orgasm in your future. How To Boost Your Pleasure If you want to build your availability for orgasmic experience, here are a few things you need to know.

Orgasm is not something you work hard for or something you do. Orgasm is related to the parasympathetic side of your nervous system. It is related to your ability to downregulate, to truly rest and surrender. It is a byproduct of an experience, not the goal of it. Create the conditions for true safety and surrender.

Practice safety and surrender in other areas of your life. Allow for pauses and space. This should not be seen as a chore or a warm-up. This is a delicious invitation to more rapture and more connection that benefits everyone involved. It may take a little re-programming. Fast and hard sex activates dopamine circuitry and can be addictive. So we can all use gentle encouragement to slow down, communicate and invite deeper levels of sensation, that, yes , leads to orgasm. That slower connection activates an oxytocin circuitry, which is a different kind of connecting.

Orgasm has as many flavors as human sensations. Then we make those labels into goals and things to have or acquire. Instead, know that orgasmic possibility is unlimited. Use this opportunity to embrace the depth of experience that lives in the subtlety, the pauses, in the less rather than the more. And then you will start to feel that every single cell inside you has orgasmic potential. Orgasm is infinite! Good sex calls for connection. We love these simple tips for cultivating deeper, more mindful intimacy. The Chalkboard Mag and its materials are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

All material on The Chalkboard Mag is provided for educational purposes only. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It still brings me to tears to think or write about wasting most of the 30 years of our relationship with orgasm as the goal and not appreciating the special moments together. Those years with little ones in the house are a blur and were not very satisfying sexually, and I blame myself more than my husband. To think that it took me so many years to realize what I was doing.

Guess we are just another work in progress, but we at least now we are enjoying the work! I have had emphysema for about five years. I was on oxygen during the day but not at night. I could go about two hours without the oxygen, and then I need it. I had a converter in the house and oxygen tanks for when I go shopping, etc.

I am 64 years old and in relatively good health. The doctor said it was caused by a combination of smoking, dust here in Vegas, and 30 years of smog in California. I believed I will always need the oxygen to breathe. I quit smoking 15 years ago. But the damage has been done. January my pulmonologist and I decided to go with natural treatment and was introduced to Green House Herbal Clinic natural organic Emphysema Herbal formula, i had a total decline of symptoms with this Emphysema Herbal formula treatment.

Visit Green House Herbal Clinic official web-site ww w. The infections, shortness of breath, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms has subsided. I am very pleased with this treatment. I breath very well now and exercise regularly, sometimes i totally forget i ever had Emphysema, I am thankful to nature, the medics failed.

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Share with friends!! Thank you for the article. This is very truthful. It is not an easy subject to explain. I had the experience of being married to a man for 30 years, who was a narcissist, and did not want to touch me. I left him and went on a journey of self discovery. I did not understand sex or orgasm, at all. At 52, I read a great deal about sex and taught myself how. I got over my fear. No matter what life brings, you can always learn something new.

Essential Dating Advice For Men: 4 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating Women

Thanks, Kimberly Ann, for sharing a bit about you have learned. Sex is part physical, part mental. The natural wine movement is finally making its way into the mainstream and we love exploring the complex and unique flavors that are characteristic of natty vino. The best natural bottles are made with traditional, low-tech methods and without the weird additives many conventional winemakers use to make their wines picture-perfect. Natural winemakers embrace the idea that when a wine is not overly manipulated, it becomes an expression of the land — and the producers — from which it came.

Over-extraction is carefully avoided to maintain the integrity of the wine and give way to a truly delicious final product. Harvested at phenolic ripeness and fermented with no added yeast and made with zero sulfur a controversial additive in winemaking , the grapes are aged in small concrete tanks. Each variety is vinified separately and then blended towards the end of the winemaking process.

Pairing Suggestions BBQ, cured meats, cheese platters , seasonal salad, chocolate cake. Your email address will not be published. Healthy homemade brownies have become a very workable reality thanks to these clean, but decadent recipes. All you need to make the ultimate healthy homemade brownie or blondie is one bowl, a few basic ingredients, and maybe a few extra high-vibe add-ins if you dare.

From classic almond butter brownies that might literally change your life to a CBD-infused rendition to a raw aphrodisiac maca blondie, bookmark these babies for cozy baking all year long…. CBD Brownies Pot brownies? More like haute brownies. Raw Maca Blondies Maca has become a modern staple in many wellness routines. The adaptogenic root, usually ingested in powdered form, is amazing for evening out the endocrine system and is famous for its ability to boost libido. Explore the benefits with this ridiculously good raw blondie recipe.

Black Bean Brownies The secret to the amazing body of flavor in these brownies is the instant coffee. The flour is a combo of buckwheat and black bean making this completely grain-free. Audible: Use the link below, and sign up for a free day trial and one free audiobook download!

There are a ton of great relationship audiobooks on Audible. Consider downloading The 5 Love Languages for your free download. It really helps, and allows us to keep bringing you these episodes each week! This is the oral sex episode subscribers have been begging me for. Today, I'm opening up my vault of secret blow job tips to give you my most powerful ways to please your man with your mouth. Yes, some of these fellatio tips are outrageous and possibly a little too "out there" for some, but if do you use them, you'll be VERY happy with the results.

Show Highlights 2. This is the most important and most powerful blow job technique you can ever use. This will drive him wild and have him begging you for oral sex. This alone will make him orgasm very quickly. I teach you a number of different techniques and ways to lick your man's penis. I also include an advanced anal technique that drives some men wild.

Remember this is just part one of the 37 tips to give your man a perfect blow job. Tune in over the next two weeks for parts two and three. Jason Julius is a world renowned sex coach and female orgasm expert and his goal is to help as many men, women, and couples achieve the amazing sex lives they deserve. In this episode we are going to discuss everything a man can do to give his partner more intense and satisfying pleasure inside and outside the bedroom. We also dive into how to really get your female partner aroused by communicating with her throughout the day, and building on the fantasy for her ultimate sexual readiness.

Advice for getting your female partner aroused. Breaking down the arousal process for men and women. What makes for good foreplay from a guy. Simplicity and the general rules of dirty talk. Why it is critical to get to know yourself sexually. Advice for providing clitoral stimulation, manually and orally. How to find the G-spot, and why many people struggle to find it.

Books by Desiree Dean (Author of The Sex MANual)

Why using a lubricant is sometimes a must. Strategy for helping your partner achieve female ejaculation. The dangers of too much porn, and forming the wrong paths in your brain. Rank 1: Tantric Sex. Rank 2: Blow Each Other Away!. Love to talk about their oral sex adventures. Through her dynamic teachings she's helping women and men unleash their full erotic potential.

Rank 1: Sex with Emily. Emily Morse joins the girls to chat all things arousing and perform an intervention to help producer JaRon shed the DB tag. Rank 2: Tucker Max. The lovely ladies of Ask Women sit down with NY Times Best Selling Author and Pick-up Master Tucker Max, to pick his brain for useful nuggets of advice for men looking to get over their fear of rejection and finally start meeting and dating the women they want.

Tucker reveals how he used his charm to worm his way into virtually any woman's bedroom and confesses that he got so good at picking up women he literally had no time to sleep with all the women that wanted him. This is a must listen to show for men willing to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work to get the woman you've always wanted. Rank 1: Ep. Pornstar Sara Jay comes on the show to give us a glimpse into producing, writing, and directing porn as a woman in a heavily male-dominated industry that caters to men. She also gives us some of the best oral and sex tips we've had to date.

Possibly our most educational and funny episode yet! We invite on the show the Pleasure Mechanics, Chris and Charlotte, who are sex educators, certified sensual masseuses, and partners in love. They host the Speaking of Sex Podcast with the Pleasure Mechanics , and they answer all of the following questions about anal and more: -What are the step-by-step instructions for exploring anal play?

Will it lead to adverse side effects like unexpected poops or stinky fingers?

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If you enjoyed this episode, check out the chat we had on Chris and Charlotte's podcast, "Speaking of Sex with the Pleasure Mechanics. If you'd like to support the show, consider funding our Patreon page at www. We'd be very grateful! She stopped by the studio for a chat. We discussed her writing, talked about why she writes, what she gets out of it and her hopes for her readers.

Rank 2: Eight Seconds by Madeline Moore. Shaun is a writer and host of The Love Drive, a playful and honest podcast that looks into the broad and captivating world of modern sexuality and intimacy. He brings humor and depth to the often awkward, scary topics of the heart and the loins. This podcast is unabashedly sex-positive, bright, and alive. To learn more visit thelovedrive. Rank 2: 72 Threesome Stories and Tips. Also, a few tips on how to navigate threesomes with more grace and ease.

Also, a sex question about how to find that third person AKA unicorn when introducing threesomes in a marriage. Rank 1: Sex Gets Real 7: Giving amazing blowjobs.


Don't forget! If you love the show, you can support us at patreon. Dawn and Dylan lay out how to give amazing blowjobs, the practicalities of navigating an open marriage where? Plus, Dawn talks about her butt plug tail. You know we love hearing from you, so here's how to reach us.

A listener wants us to be really real. Just how messy is anal play? She wants to try it, but she's psyched herself out over the poop. That sends us off on a bender on all things butts - from hair to the doorbell technique to Dylan getting REALLY excited about all the things she likes in her butt.

And of course, loads of practical advice and personal stories on real butt sex and the mess factor. Dylan closes the show with a little victory statement about Rhonda Rousey losing her fight after the lube fiasco of a few weeks ago. Have a great holiday season, everyone! We had an amazing Jackie nails her first one on one date with Bachelor Nation's Nick Viall. They talk deal breakers, Bachelor drama, relationships and more!

Produced by Dear Media. Rank 1: Wells Adams. Wells Adams joins the ladies to talk about his recent engagement to Sarah Hyland, gives some helpful good guy tips on wedding planning, and working on the Bachelor in Paradise. Shout of to this episode's sponsors! American Heart Association - Make your moves at heart. Haagen-Daz - Discover more delicious things at haagendaz. Rank 2: The Bachelor's Colton Underwood. The current Bachelor and all-around nice boy joins the Ladies and offers to be the unofficial 4th LadyGang member as he shares some juicy gossip from the show no spoilers and what he looks for in the love of his life.

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And check out the show page ladygangtv! Rank 1: Cunnilingus -- How to please her. Cunnilingus is an essential part of pleasing your woman. Listen in to a frank, helpful discussion of this essential part of love and sex. Couples in committed relationships fall into certain traps and mistakes. Join sex therapist and author Laurie Watson and couples' therapist Dr.

This episode is jam packed with a whole lot of health and wellness tips. Want to feel lighter and sexier? If you think all charming people are just born that way, think again! The best part? This is something you can do right away — in the very next conversation you have with someone — to charm them in 2 minutes or less. Ready, set, go!

Or do straight people like 'pig play' too? Zhana Vrangalova, a sex expert and professor at New York University, to their "Ask Us Anything" episode of the podcast: For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast. Imagine being sexually active for your entire adult life and never having an orgasm. For Loly, a woman in her mid-twenties living in France, that scenario was a reality. Even though she was healthy, sex-positive and actively looking for ways to achieve orgasm, she didn't find a way to do it until she came across an exercise that changed her life forever.

Of course Loly isn't the only person -- female or male -- who has trouble with orgasming. Even though almost all of us are physically capable of having them, that doesn't mean we are having them. And for those of us who can orgasm, all too often they can still be hard to come by, show up too soon or take forever to achieve. And not just any orgasm but the very best orgasms possible. To help For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast. The trio meditates on how women can be kind to one other even in awkward sexual and emotional triangles, being a badass business babe, and not sacrificing important female friendships for male attention.

PLUS: Alex confesses why the police were called the first time she masturbated An unironic podcast for adult Justin Bieber fans who also enjoy chats about the Illuminati, Hollywood conspiracy theories, and general hot celebrity goss! Hosted by Corinne Fisher and Rosebud Baker. For full duo touring schedule, please visit www. After Fran Drescher's dog bites our new employee, the women get into it about gay ex-husbands turned best friends, saying no, being a superstar not a trophy wife, and Fran's completely poetic and powerful outlook on life, growth, trauma and surviving both sexual assault and cancer.

Then Fran teaches us that fuck buddies are timeless! Chazzykaidd - "HeartBeat"2. Read more. Share this podcast:. Who knew??? Fantastic podcast! Very informative and great reminders and tips. Love Emily and Jamie. Great show, great advice, and 2 great hosts! Best Episodes All Episodes. Jul 19 Think all women hate anal sex? Think again! In this Best Of podcast, Emily is joined by LadyFreaks Jennifer Bartels and Grace Parra, SWE alumni Laurie, and her good friend Kim to talk all things sex: from ball handling to sex toys to pubic grooming—and, of course, the nitty gritty of anal play.

The panel of ladies also divulge their own anal experiences, share turn-ons and turn-offs, and profess their love for a good BJ. Nothing is off-limits at this sex positive roundtable, making this show an instant Sex With Emily classic. Mar 28 Sep 13 On this show, Emily, Anderson and the newest edition to the Sex With Emily team, Ken, are dishing out advice to help solve some of your most salient sexual setbacks. She and her co-hosts also unveil some suspect statistics about pornography and what watching it may or may not reveal about you and your relationship.

Mar 15 In this classic episode of Sex With Emily, the iconic porn star Nina Hartley joins the show opens up about her start in porn, non-monogamy, feminism, and so much more. From handjobs to polyamory and everything in between, the nothing is off limits for this dynamic duo! Emily and Nina get into the nitty gritty details of uncovering your orgasm, discovering new fetishes and traversing the road to your anal pleasure. If your sex life has hit a speed bump and you need a few pointers to clear your path to sexual fulfillment, this throwback podcast is not one to pass up!