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One man, with no clue of who Adam was, said he had put himself in that place instead. Although he was yet to fully understand, a fundamental truth had already taken root in his heart — that we are indeed all Adams. As excitement grew, little groups began meeting at am to read the Word. How the Father must have smiled to watch those curious index fingers pointing at new revealing truths! So began two weeks of training. The Crown Money Map covered good stewardship of finance, and how to gain freedom from debt. Woven into all this, was the Alpha Course, the highlight of which was the Holy Spirit weekend when twenty four precious lives were joyfully given to Christ!

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Throughout the two weeks, the previously sunken and hopeless expressions were noticeably being replaced with cheerful smiles, and words fail to describe the tangible atmosphere of joy by the end. No wonder God has such a deep love for the precious poor, their hearts are so open to His.

What Beauty for Ashes Really Means:

Poor, because their clothes were patched. Poor because of their meagre possessions. Poor because their finances consisted of a few dollars stored in an empty bread packet. But actually they were rich.

Restoring Women's Lives God's Way

Filled with a treasure that all the money and power in the world could never buy. As transparently jubilant hearts were lifted in hauntingly beautiful harmony, one was reminded how — despite all her problems — there is a uniquely unspoilt simplicity about Africa.

And God loves simplicity. It is where His omnipotence combines with childlike faith, to restore what has been broken… and move mountains. The world can keep its wealth, its sophistication, its designer labels and status orientated lifestyles … there is something so wonderfully clean about unpretentious simplicity. Something real.

Something that makes you want to run in, and stay. After devotions on the final day, people were invited to freely express anything they wanted to say about the past two weeks. That was when the pearls began tumbling out. Stories of healing, hope and transformation.

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A woman with fresh-faced radiance was the first to shyly raise her hand. Describing how the fire had taken everything she owned, even her clothing, she went on to thank God that it had also destroyed her old way of life in prostitution. In the last two weeks she had met Jesus, and was going home changed, cleansed.

A new creation. To implement the teaching on Family Living, and finally become the mother God intended her to be.

here Lewis was not shy to speak out. He described a life spilling over with poor choices and self imposed problems. So many good things. And I have been made new!

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Jesus died for me, because of me. It was not a mistake that I came here. Now I want to go back and preach about Him. May we know this beauty for ourselves and then be a channel of your presence taking your beauty to others.

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  • In the name of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Session 6: Beauty for ashes. God's Kingdom is always about transforming death to life, darkness to light, ashes to beauty. Session 5: Like a child. Insights into discipleship and community 'As in heaven'. Session 3: From Telescope to Microscope. Seeing God in the ordinary things of life. Session 2: Worship. Worship is about honouring and submitting to God.

    Session 1: Reign of God. Righteousness and peace kiss each other. As in heaven reflections. Banner Image:.