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Place of Event. Recipient Name. United States Pacific Fleet Organization. Commander in Chief, U. Martin Lee, Jr. Lockwood, Jr. Robinson, Jr. Johnson USA Halsey, Jr. Task Force Spruance 6 Task Force Brown D Capt. Hoover 18 Task Force Richardson, Jr. Wiley D Capt. Holloway, Jr. Shafroth, Jr. Hanson D R. Callaghan D Capt. Curry, Jr. Mitchell CruScoRon Atkins CruScoRon CL 49 ST. Griggs, Jr.

Senn CruScoRon Bledsoe D Capt. Darden, Jr. Curtis CruScoRon Heineman CruScoRon Binford CruScoRon Macondray, Jr. Downes CruScoRon Noble CruScoRon Jones, Jr. Johnson D Capt. Porter, Jr. Steinhagen CruScoRon CruScoRon Lawton CruScoRon Hartung CruScoRon Combs D Capt. Heath D Capt. Rule Bowman D Capt. VanDeurs D Capt. Ward, Jr. McClusky, Jr. Foster, Jr. Cronin D Capt. Davis, Jr. Taylor, Jr. Sutherland, Jr. Henry, Jr. Pope D Comdr. Hodgskin, Jr. Sullivan, Jr. Oakes, Jr. James, Jr. Vaughan YSD YCK Mathew, Jr. Boyd, Jr. VB-3 15 VSB VF-3 36 VF VBF-3 36 VF VT-3 15 VTB VF-4 36 VF VBF-4 36 VF VT-4 15 VTB Schumann, Jr.

VF-7 73 VF VBF-7 36 VF VT-7 15 VTB VB 15 VSB VF 36 VF VF 73 VF VBF 36 VF VT 15 VTB Crommelin VB Comdr. Embree VBF Lt. Pawka USNR VT Lt. Ellison Brown, Jr. Jacobs, Jr. VF 36 VF Lt. VF 24 VF VT 9 VTB VB 9 VTB VF 18 VF VT 12 VTB Mazza USNR Kirkpatrick, Jr. VF 18 VF Lt. VB 15 VB Wood, Jr. Maltby, Jr. Ingalls, Jr. Elkins, Jr. Stuart, Jr. Musick VF 36 VF Reed, Jr. Holt, Jr. Windsor, Jr.

Collins, Jr. ONE Comdr. TWO Comdr. FOUR Lt. FIVE Lt. Carlin Ret. CASU No. SIX Lt. Reeves USNR NINE Lt. Allen, Jr.

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Mitchell, Jr. Perry HqSq. Wood HqSq. Price HqSq. DeLong HqSq. Moss HqSq. Camp, Jr. Amme Sintic, Jr. Cox, Jr. Glumack USNR McCaul HqSq Capt. May VMF Maj.

McGlothlin, Jr. Hopkins HqSq Capt. Johns VMF Maj. Wrathers, Jr. Major HqSq Maj. Munsch VMR Lt. Coursey VMR Lt. Jerome HqSq Capt. Kean, Jr. Irwin, Jr. Smith HqSq Capt. Anderson VMB Lt. Guillotte VMB Lt. Sarles Munn HqSq Maj. Smith, Jr. Shuman VMF Maj. Dickey HqSq Capt. Calahan VMO-7 Capt. Day VMF Maj. Raushenback VMF Maj.

Axtell, Jr. Bisson HqSq Maj. Feasley AWS-6 Capt. Stedman, Jr. Fuller VMF Maj. Haines HqSq Maj. Ryland SMS Maj. Millington VMF Maj. Marshall VMF Maj. Dooley VMF Maj. Slappey, Jr. Chappell, Jr. Meyer VMF Maj. Hahn, Jr. White, Jr. Carney HqSq Maj. Musselman, Jr. Mickey VMB Lt. Cram VMR Maj. Torrey, Jr. Williams VMF Maj. Shelley, Jr. Mangrum HqSq Capt. Shand, Jr. Rhodes, Jr. West HqSq Capt. Skinner, Jr.

Herring VMF Maj. Cargill VMB Lt. McCluskey, Jr. Kelly HqSq Maj. Woodward, Jr. Whitaker, Jr. Robertshaw HqSq Maj. Paris, Jr. Post, Jr. No sleep last night and evidently very little tonight. One meal only yesterday. At a. I am nearly done. It is pitch black here in the avenues of woods.

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I am sweating with weakness. Too dazed to remember much. John Gowan gives me two biscuits, a lump of bully beef like chicken and a bar of chocolate. Sleep on rocks with just my gas-cape over me. Get up at a. Blessed tea, and two pieces of hardtack and cheese. One mile from our objective, they say. I wonder? The sun rises at and warms us as we march off.

Soon we near the summit of Mount Basilica. Forests of pine, beech, poplar and elder wood. Settle at p. Had almost forgotten it was the Sabbath. In the mountains of Calabria, the progression of tanks and armoured vehicles was often slowed down as many bridges had been destroyed by the retreating German forces. Photo by Jack H. It met strong resistance from the German division, which tried to drive it back before the Eighth Army could intervene. Violent fighting took place around Salerno until September 14th. Further south, the 1st Canadian Division was moving at good speed along the coast towards the Gulf of Tarento; it then turned up north to make its junction with the Fifth Army.

Under Lieutenant-Colonel M. The operation was a real obstacle race among mines and blown up bridges, extremely demanding on the engineers. On September 21st, the Fifth US army and the Eighth British Army formed an uninterrupted front line that reached all across the Italian peninsula, from Salerno in the west to Bari in the east. In October, Canadian troops harassed the enemy throughout an area that stretched from north of Potenza to the Fortore and Biferno rivers, near the Adriatic Sea.

Campobasso fell on October 14th. Enemy casualties were heavy and the Germans learned to respect the soldiers of the 1st Canadian Division. Photo by Alexander M. Until then the progression of the Canadian army had been rather trouble-free; since September the German strategy was simply to delay that progression as much as possible.

Their commanders had orders to retreat until they could take solid positions between the Bernhard Line that cut across the Italian Peninsula from Gaeta in the west to Ortona in the east. That line protected Rome and the Germans had clear orders: They shall not pass! The 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade supported the 8th Indian Division tasked with maintaining a steady base on the ridge. Two divisions were to move towards Pescara: the 2nd New Zealander Division along an inland route, and the 1st Canadian Division along the coast.

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The first obstacle was the Moro River, beyond which German troops were waiting. The attack was launched on December 6th. The slopes were steep; heavy winter rains had swollen the river and turned the ground into thick mud that bogged down armoured vehicles.

The enemy was well entrenched and each inch of ground had to be gained the hard way. Counter-attacks followed and the Canadians were forced to retreat. It took two days, December 8th and 9th, to capture San Leonardo. In spite of numerous obstacles, the Seaforth Highlanders, riding on the tanks of the Calgary Regiment, were able to get close to the village. On the narrow road, two tanks plunged down ten metres into the ravine after missing a sharp turn.

Violent artillery and mortar fire hit the armoured column and the infantry as they were approaching the Moro River. On the other side, the lead tank struck a mine as it was climbing towards San Leonardo and was stalled, blocking the road and forcing the other vehicles to find their way through the olive groves. Only five tanks were left when the Canadians entered San Leonardo. The Seaforth Highlanders engaged the enemy and silenced their machine gun positions, killing or capturing many German soldiers.

Twelve enemy tanks drove into town from the east but in spite of the difference in strength, the Calgarys held fast and destroyed or drove back the German tanks. On December 9th at , the Canadians were solidly positioned in San Leonardo. Platoon Commander Lieutenant I. Macdonald with binoculars ready to give order to attack at S. Leonardo di Ortona, Italy, 10 December Left to right, Sergeant J. The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman. Louisa by Simone Zelitch. Louise's Crossing by Sarah R. Love Is Enough by Denise Robins. Love Lessons by Joan Wyndham.

The Lovers' Room by Steven Carroll. Lumen by Ben Pastor. The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall. Mademoiselle Chanel: A Novel by C. Die Magermilchbande. Mai Making History by Stephen Fry. Making of Modern London: v. Malka by Mirjam Pressler.

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