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Without realising it we carried feelings of being defective and shameful at some level, and certainly, worthiness, deservedness and knowing we were loved and lovable as we were, was not the typical embodied curriculum.

Yet, we may not have awakened to the truth that our neediness for fulfilment from the outside makes our lives dreadfully conditional and precarious. Your ego convinces you it has your best interests at heart, and it will secure for you what you need to survive.

However, what is really happening is it keeps you disconnected from durable happiness and wholeness, as well as covertly, behind the scenes, generating disturbing, painful and transient events in your life continuously. No different to cigarettes convincing you they are your friend helping you calm down and feel more secure, even though they are destroying you. Or narcissists making out they are exactly what you have been dreaming of, but are your worst nightmare instead.

And, because relief through obtaining the things that our ego tells us we need to go after and rely on, is transient and constantly under threat, we are very prone to engage in other acts of neediness, namely addictions. If we have not discovered how to become our True Self, instead of allowing our False Egoic Self to run our lives, we are very prone to choosing unhealthy substances, people and habits to try to fill a hole that can never be filled with False Sources.

Your ego is a product of how mankind programmed you to be stuck in petty lower vibrational realities. The ego believes in defectiveness and scarcity and separateness from Source, that Life is hard, and that you must prove yourself and your worthiness, and fight to get your share, and there is not enough love and support to go around. In the context of my belief about ego, I call it a False Self. Your ego is your Painbody. Your ego is your self-saboteur. I align with all these theories.

I even wrote a blog post about this book it moved me so much. As victims of narcissistic abuse, caught in the trauma of narcissists lashing out and hurting us, we need to be aware that we can be struck down with the identical virus. This happens if we choose to keep the unspeakable trauma of abuse trapped within us, hang on to it and hold others responsible for it, rather than devoting to healing ourselves from it.

This is the disease of ego unconsciousness where healing, change, and evolution for us and our future generations becomes impossible. Then the disease infects more and more people that we also contaminate. Perpetrators and victims both do this. We may not realise that the cells in our body get physically addicted to our pain trauma. That is the ego getting its way and continuing to lead us down a path that supplies it with its egoic supply — more pain. This is no different to the traps and turns that narcissists take us down to get their drug of choice, narcissistic supply. The greatest component I believe to be this person is to be tapped in and tuned into something bigger than yourself.

What I mean by this is being connected to our Higher Self, which is whatever version a Higher Power is to you. To me this is the force of Higher Consciousness that moves through everything, granting it life and form. When we have enough of our fearful and needy ego out of the way, we have space for this Lifeforce, this Higher Power, to enter us. We know if we are aligned because it feels so good and the pain and fear goes and is replaced with peace. From this place we are guided and supported in ways we never knew before, leading to the divine birthright of wholeness and truth that was always ours to have.

How do you become actualised as this Bigger more expanded True Self? By clearing and living free of enough trauma that the True Source, this Higher Power, can flow through you as you. When you are no longer trying to change outside circumstances, and instead release the trauma generating your fears and limitations from inside of you, then you have a whole heap of available energy no longer tied up in survival, that is free now for inspired creation. Not only are you directed through inspirational and intuition to the realisation of your expansiveness, you also have Life itself meet you with opportunity, abundance, and miracle.

In the egoic self, trying to control things logically, you are snapped off from inspiration and intuition, and the Field is not responding favourably to you. The ego knows that it gets to keep you in pain and running the show if you never release the inner painful egoic beliefs. These painful false beliefs are the smaller, vulnerable, hurt inner parts of you that believed you were never good enough, and unworthy or undeserving, just as yourself, and that you are unsupported and on your own.

A Wildly Practical Guide to Authentic Spiritual Awakening

You know when someone is taken over by their ego — their ego viciously defends these inner, vulnerable parts. The ego would rather leave or annihilate anyone who goes near them than risk them being found, healed and reinstated. The ego, to survive, needs to keep you trapped as the victim, looking outwards and making every reason you are hurting exclusively about something outside of you.

Then you will fruitlessly try to demonise and change everything and everyone else, rather than work with the only entity you could EVER change and heal — yourself. When we purposefully do the essential inner work to get out of our trauma and false beliefs, we are starving our ego of its food.

As it starves, it loses power, and dissolves out of our experience, no different to a narcissist who we detach and heal from and stop feeding energy to. As our ego dissolves, at first we feel like we are dying, because when we stop clinging, fearing, formulating and trying to control our life, and let go and let a Higher Power take over instead, it can be terrifying. We feel like we are horribly unsafe and will be annihilated. The more we dissolve our ego, the more we start to feel the truth that was always coded into our DNA — it is just we were all trained out of it.

We connect to the abundant, fertile, soul-gratifying trajectories and missions that we were snapped off from previously. We are free to enjoy processes and the journey without being needy on outcomes. We are open to The Field delivering in ways that far exceed our expectations, or capacity to create … and it does. We are connected to the self-responsibility at True Source level which is the checking into, understanding and working on our Inner Universe in order to harness our Highest Potential within and without.

We thought that we were always having to defeat people and things outside of ourselves to survive and be happy and fulfilled, yet this was the greatest illusion of all. We were merely and magnificently having to learn to overcome ourselves, those parts of us keeping us separated from our True Self and our True Life — namely the internal narcissist, our ego.

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The starting point is here: signing up to my day free course , which has a ton of healing resources for you that will lead you up and out of the ego illusion and into your True Self and True Life. Sign up below to join my Community of over 50, people, and receive weekly information, inspiration and tools to get your life back on track. You are truly a blessing from God! Together, as a thriving community, I do believe we can overcome the world and everything and anything is possible with God.

You have opened my eyes and conscious to something huge. The answer to true healing, abundance, fullness, love and joy was in me all along but while simply surviving, and clinging to toxic people, how could I possibly thrive? I was stuck in what felt like a foul, muddy swamp making the same mistakes over and over and over again — for 49 years! I LOVE your work! Goodness prevails. I love that this resonates deeply with you, and that you are aligned with the Thriver Way to heal.

Thanks for the explanation of the ego. I mention this because having experienced an egoless state, although temporary it kept me searching for more. However I would keep struggling with the ego and it was similar with all other philosophies I would investigate and practice in the hope of release.

The ego hung on!!!!!!! I have found that most religions and philosophies originated from the East and and it seems that today the blend of Western trauma and Eastern thought is creating a universal form of release or awakening, our evolution, and you are in the forefront of this work. I have also taken more notice of these valuable triggers that exposes the ego and carry us on the healing journey. You have articulated so perfectly the problem that so many of us previously had — without actual trauma release it was such a battle to reach durable peace and wholeness.

I love that NARP is delivering you to be trauma free and know you are coming home to you without ego interference. This is sooooooo perfect right now. It takes my eyes off my own empowerment and capacity to be the key generator of my life. I spend time looking to friends to support and encourage me, because I can hardly stand the pain of my situation. I loose sight of my own capacity to expand, and be inspired. It is a tug of war inside. These false beliefs seek to crush the ground I have taken, and before I know it, I am down the nasty dark hole.

The good news is, all day long, I have been seeking God through prayer, and working to rise up, and out of the mud. Releasing the ego is exactly what I have been trying to do today. But hearing this, has offered the very clarity I needed to keep starving the meanings I give to how others are treating me, but bigger than even the that, is the goal of starving the meanings that not only keep me stuck in pain, but stuck in my ability to create my life!

I can see now, that it is only me, that can make that choice. Regardless of what is happening around me. Yes, this deeply resonates, the cycles have gone on for as long as I can remember. I want to break free, yes it is time. I think that ego can control us. I have been most of my life. I am be coming aware of my addictions. On one of my addiction i let go of today and it feels really good. I set a goal to contunie no matter what i have to go through. I will get through this course..

I am excited to learn more. Thank you. Shelley Hudson. Thank you so much Melanie, the link to this video appeared in my inbox just when I most needed it. I have been doing your NARP healing for almost a year. I have already seen great results but with each step forward I then plunge back down to the depths, fighting my ego which as you say is my internal narcissist!

Video Transcript

I feel better already and ready to let go again of all the pressing issues in my life that stop me from giving myself time to heal. I recommend you to a lot of people! Thank you for helping so many. Thank you for helping so many and making the world a better place. Melanie, Thank you sooo much I needed to see this. Lately I have seriously been asking myself why does my mind constantly keep making me sad. Thank you so much. Much love!!!! Right on the money, I needed this, it did resonate.

The difference in my life is truly remarkable!! I can tell you from the experience of losing my ego for a short period of time after I had a near death experience years ago, that your program has helped me bring it back and maintain it for a sustainable period of time.

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I agree with you that the ego is not only unnecessary but creates massive damage…look around you. I know the truth in what you say, Mel. However, for me it was my lack of ego that made me perfect prey. I understand the addiction, and now years down the road am finding the joy I carried before this person entered my life. Creating boundaries with others and sharing my energy with those who show integrity of character, greatly appreciating them, and solitude, when I find it.

Sometimes that will take you on a journey with a narcissist. This may also reveal a similar experience. But ultimately, changing these patterns and even testing them with an open mind is no small feat. The conditioning of our beliefs is deeply rooted. This is a very interesting discussion.

I believe my journey of self-realization which I am still on , started with a simple interaction with a cat that my wife got a few years ago. I was never a fan of cats. One thing lead to another, I became a vegetarian, then a vegan, which was followed by feelings of nihilism. I found myself becoming apathetic towards humans, while still connecting with animals on a deeper level. We now have 4 cats in our apartment and I am actively getting more involved in animals rights activism. I fear I have overstayed my welcome lol, truly it is against my nature to ever be more than a fly on the wall of any given room at any given moment.

I would like to leave you with this urging. He provides it free on line, he is a true human being and pilgrim in this dark world. I also lament that we will not be any time soon, donning loin cloths and dancing around the campfire ululating. I lament this loss!!!! If that book taught me anything, it was that primeval, primitive man was anything but primitive. And that living off the land, including animals, in their nomadic foraging state was the end all be all bees knees human existence. Ooooh woe to man, in his lofty endeavors.

In his pride and arrogance, he lost his soul. He gained nothing. Peace tou ALL my brothers and sisters! So acceptance, if used too early in the process does become a spiritual bypass. First, we have to develop an orientation towards our real personality where we can actually see our shadow developing consciousness. Then, acceptance and allowing can come into play. Thank you so much for this article. At times I felt like I was losing my mind, but it seemed like the more I followed the inner pull the more stable and peaceful I felt.

I now trust it completely without knowing why. Until now. I was drawn to your article and read with a shock of recognition each of the points raised to varying degrees. Thanks for sharing your experience, Kirsty. Great article such a pity you had to get on your vegan soapbox and lecture us omnivores about the sins of eating meat when it is the most natural thing a human can do this is after all a human experience.

Being awakened is about acceptance I am awakened and am able to master my inner world yet I love eating meat but I also love animals its called duality try telling a tiger not to eat a deer tigers are spiritual beings also. Veganism, like any -ism, is a political agenda that does create yet another polarization. This issue comes down to energetic sensitivity. If you reach the sensitivity to feel the consciousness of the animal you consume, you likely will lose your drive to consume them.

Thank you for this wonderful article. I feel way different now. I know that i can learn more and this article helped me a lot. Hello, I am more aware of my feelings and thoughts. And the words others speak. I am more emotional crying a lot especially when listening to some music,do not care anymore or get angry when someone says something bad to me. Connecting the missing pieces brings the puzzle all together! Hi Scott , I totally enjoyed reading your article and want to learn more , i am needing guidance, would love to know where I can go to read more of your stuff.

I have experienced all the traps and am experiencing the 10 signs at the present and one bonified miracle I have photographic evidence for those who will accept it …. I sent it to a friend today who expressed his interest in the subject of the Awakening. Yes, Cecil. It seems like these traps are part of most of our journeys. Thank you for sharing the website with a friend.

I learned a lot especially about the difference between the ego and the spirit and being religious and spiritual. I will share your website to my children, friends and co-workers. I am actually going on the right path and my intuition has gotten me to this. I am so grateful to have found you and in the right moment when I have been doubting myself now for few weeks. Its been happening for the past few weeks. Feel lighter and more in tune of things, calmer feel and reflect more.

Better control of emotions too especially bringing about patience and calmness. Very good and concise yet informative article. I choose to be vegan on certain days, mostly light on meat consumption. Fast on certain days. Thank you all. Does anyone or can anyone give a viewpoint on The Law of One? We communicate now. We are not those of the Love or of the Light. We are those who are of The Law of One. In our vibration our polarities are harmonized, the complexities are simplified and the paradoxes have their solution. We are One. John, that all sounds like cryptic nonsense to me — the language of the Trickster archetype designed to confuse people and take them further away from their center, from the here and now.

Thank you very much for this informative article for it have successfully cleared most of my confusion. I am just concerned about this one thing that have been making my heart guilty ever since I started changing. Hi Aljema, I sincerely think that if wanting to be good and nice to others produces a good feeling, something like joy because we see the effect of our actions, that is only a great feeling, though we might unconsciously want to receive similar treatment in return and that is only natural and good, as long as we do not feel angry or worse if we do not get same treatment from others, but rather we reflect on the whole thing.

I know, it is funny , but I will continue my self development, I hope and I encourage you to do the same. You will likely feel differently than you describe as you get to better know your shadow. Until then, you will likely assume you are doing good while remaining unconscious to your true motives and feelings. Yes, you are correct. To truly be kind, you have to get to know your shadow first.

Before that, most so-called positive emotions are fake. Just watch how people pictures of themselves for social media. They smile for the camera and then the frown returns. Wanting to be liked is intrinsic to a specific stage of ego development. As you individuate, this drive will lessen. Hello again! Thank you very much for the reply. Thank you again, and may God bless all of us. I found this very informative and helpful. I hoped for more on the difference between spiritual and psychic awakening.

I also wonder if we are more open to evil attacts while going thru a awakening and does the awakening end, if so how do u know its over? Is our awakening just the beginning to becoming our higher self and from there does it just evolve til we die? Thank u for the article, its very insightful and appreciated. Astral travel would be one example of this. Your Higher Self already is what it is. Resistance has proven futile. My awakening to what may be starts and stops with a regularity that has me either crying at the enormity of it or digging my heels in, in a fit of childish pique.

Your words have allowed some light to seep in under the door. Thank you. I now know that if spiritual awakening was akin to full body immersion in a warm body of water, I definitely have my big toe submerged. But it does often start with the big toe …. Scott, about locating authority within oneself.

Contrary to popular belief, the principles in the Sermon on the Mount are much harder than the Law of Moses though keeping that would be a challenge alone to the point that many would dismiss the former as impractical. My comments in the guide about religion are well-documented in the works of Jung, Campbell, Wilber, and many others. Too much to go into here. I can almost see my path from now to where I came from with clarity. I know I have a long journey ahead of me but distance and time do not operate within the same realm of existence. Knowing that is important — I feel.

Hi Meli, emotions are mainly only useful when you come to understand their source — that is, the original experiences where these emotions were evoked. Most of the time, our emotions are reactions from the past. Clarify comes when we connect the emotion with the original event and come to terms with it. The most appropriate blog I have read so far about spiritual awakening. I never went through spiritual traps because I read in psychology that everyone lives their adult life with the child they were brought up as. So most people are going through difficulties of life without ever paying attention to it.

Moreover even one sad or discontent being on the planet, no one will be truly happy. Time is relative, news, entertainment has led us all to look for things outside us when everything is inside us.

But we are not ready to listen. It has been a long journey into self discovery of 6 years and even now I am learning a lot more things. Thank you for writing this blog Jeffrey. You should branch out your library with a few more book shelves. That sounds egotistical but you miss out on crucial aspects of connectivity with source. Eating certain plants still destroys the protecting energy intelligence of that plant. Life feeds on life. Sentience is broader than one night think and you fully underestimate meditation. Many ways up the mountain and your experiences are just a point of view, as valid as they might be lack ultimate truth.

I knew that adding that one segment Sign 9 about not eating animal would trigger many individuals like yourself. If you open up your body and develop sufficient energetic sensitivity, you just may confirm what millions of others are starting to confirm only in the last decade. You can FEEL the emotions and consciousness of the animals you can consume.

No debate. No rhetoric. No opinions. If you attempt to refute it without testing the injunction then you are simply communicating in ignorance. In my 30s, I would have reacted similarly to how you did. If so, then my statements can seem offensive. NOTE: I have updated that segment of the article 9 to provide more context to this polarizing topic.

Been waking up between 3am and 5 am. Been seeking refuge in God. Been trying to learn why I am the way I am. Got baptized last week…was told the demons will be at my doorstep. You are amazing, I just read your pieces on spiritual awakening. Its very helpful. I cant wait to read other pieces. I ignore them all and just act normal.

I feel like an outcast, like a weird person and no one understands me alot and it really hurts sometimes so I just stopped expressing my feelings to people. I dont know who I am or what i believe and trying to find myself is driving me crazy. I did not ask for this but it has been happening since July 6th, after a long conversation with my fiance. There was this beautiful, almost electric looking, lavender flower in his eyes with pedals that seemed to keep multiplying. He then somehow had big beautiful, luminous white wings, and finally, again somehow, turned into me. Our collective understanding of the psyche is highly limited.

Our younger parts within us seek to fit in. I thank you for pointing out how one can claim to be spiritual and use it to feel superior to others,I see this often in my group meetings. Then, we have choice. Whether we want to or not, it appears that we judge. The problem arises when we deny that we judge. I totally get that. I am so grateful i found it!

Thank you for doing all the work and sharing it with the world! Such a liberating read. I now recognise this as just another goal to aim for, resulting In a perpetual cycle of incompleteness and searching. Quite naturally, I have given it all away, and now just allow to arise what does arise, without needing anything to be different. Hi Scott Thanks for an interesting read. Just a question on meat eating — I stopped eating meat for a short while due to ethical reasons.

We so often focus on meat, that we disregard the many animals moles, mice, insects, worms and many others that are killed during harvesting of crops that are eaten by vegans, vegetarians as well as us human omnivores. Clearing of forests, grasslands etc for crop farming — what about those animals and their consciousness?

They too are killed in a horrible way, but hardly anyone ever talks about that. I look forward to hearing your opinion. What you are observing is certainly true. Traditional farming is, in my opinion, an archaic, perhaps unintelligent practice. Instead, there might be community gardens, but mainly, there would be permaculture-centric applications that work with the native environments instead of against them. I feel more peaceful, calmer and balanced than i thought.

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You have given me a sense of direction. I started my awakening about 2. Reading this definitely clarified a few things. I may be going in that circle, but now I feel I have some focus and a better understanding. Thank you! Sometimes the circles are actually spirals. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this read, I appreciated the practical and logical aspect of it. I have been in the beginning stages for almost a year now I believe. I only recently came to that realization though ha.

Hi Heather, thanks for your comments. Best wishes! Great article, and can relate to so much with regard to my own life for the past 19 months. Back in March I sort of had a spiritual awakening after some really deep discussions with some then new found friends of mine, followed by a couple of psilocybin experiences in a controlled retreat setting. Since then my interest in so called spiritual topics have increased from zero before to quite substantial now.

So much that Im actually on my way to India for a 10 day Vapassana silent meditation retreat in a couple of weeks as a means to get even more in touch with the inner, real me. Hey, even my taste of and interest in music has changed dramatically. So again, thanks for the article and am looking forward to read more of your work. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Guides About Coaching Products Join.

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