Dilemmas (Part 1)

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Edition 1st Edition. First Published Imprint Routledge. Pages pages.

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Back to book. Direct Citizen Participation: Challenges and Dilemmas. In return for pipeline approval, Alberta has imposed a price on carbon emissions within the province and has agreed to phase out its coal-fired thermal power plants.

Ethical dilemmas part 1

Alberta believes its economic future remains tied to the oil sands and shipments of its products out of the country to world markets. The end of being landlocked means the end of American dependency.

It means Alberta can get world pricing. It means more oil being produced from the oil sands resource.

2014: Ethical dilemmas faced by carers and people with dementia

And it means a provincial revenue windfall from taxes on output. There is a problem when an economy has most of its eggs in one big basket and a few small ones elsewhere. That is an apt description for Alberta.


Dilemmas of a Negotiator Part 1

Each of these is a state-of-the-art business that could in time replace the jobs and revenues currently produced by the oil sands. But unfortunately, changing the Alberta economic paradigm from fossil-fuel to low-carbon-solution technologies seems to be far from the minds of those in the boardrooms or political offices of the province. The conflict over Trans Mountain is likely to produce no winners among federal, provincial, First Nation, and municipal governments, the principal parties to the conflict. For those of you who are readers from outside Canada, I promise to keep you informed about the outcome of this kerfuffle.

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    Cataract Dilemmas and Controversies: Part 1

    Per Nilson. Steele and Shreya cohost live from Dublin. Great recap and highlights from Day 1, interviews with world experts, lecture by Dr. Mike Solomon, and innovations and research talks with trainees. Monica Morrow is THE expert on breast cancer and gives us a very thorough discussion of the most confusing topics in the management of breast cancer and axillary disease.

    This is a must listen for all residents and general surgeons alike!

    Fossil Fuel Industry Dilemmas – Part 1: Pipeline Battles

    This very timely podcast post Surgical Oncology match discusses some key findings on the match process and takes us into the future of oncology research and how surgeons are making history. Ever wondered how Behind the Knife came to fruition? Jason was a guest on Beyond Clean BeyondCleanInfo , a podcast about surgical instrument processing, and spends a few minutes answering that question. Most of us don't pay attention to what happens to our instruments after we use them in the OR, so take a listen to Beyond Clean and their well-made podcasts!

    Join us for our 9th joint Journal Club with Annals of Surgery. This time our guest author is Dr.

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    We are also joined by guest host Dr. In this episode, we hear experts debate the pros and cons of the profession of pediatric surgery, as they seek to answer the question: "Would I encourage my daughter or son to become a pediatric surgeon? In this episode, we hear from Dr.

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