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When I got there, I was frantically looking for my sister and asking people if they'd seen her anywhere. No one really knew what I was talking about, and they were so focused on their own survival that they barely listened to me.

It was only a few minutes after I woke up that I remembered it wasn't my dad in the dream, but an unknown man. Dang, this is an incredibly intense one, and in many ways a classic anxiety dream. In traditional dream interpretation, large waves or tsunamis represent emotional turmoil or the bottling up of some sort of major feeling or fear. They often show up at major turning points in our lives, points at which we know we need to make some decisions that involve us and our loved ones. The fact that this happened while you were on what you thought was a vacation with your sister suggests that you see yourself as her protector, and that her wellbeing is implicated in the decisions that are weighing on you.

You have appointed yourself as the person who is responsible for your family, even if that duty sometimes comes at your own expense. You mentioned that you assumed the man was your father; it could be as literal as that. But he could also represent something more abstract, some sort of indicator of stability — be it a wise career choice, a safe romantic partner, a house that you are tied to — that led you astray.

You are coming to realize that the people and things in life that you were assured would deliver comfort and happiness aren't guaranteed to do that; in fact, sometimes those things wind up being the sources of your troubles. The black mass here, the fact that it was amorphous but clearly dangerous, is your intuitive awareness that not even following all the rules can protect you. Someone, a man who was sort of a magician character, was dipping people I know into dark water. They were coming out coated in a kind of gold film, like amber or honey.

They either turned out sticky or the gold film had hardened already. Then he put them up around the water as though they were sculptures. I generally dream about water a lot. Like, being at a beach and seeing a giant wave rise up like a mountain. I always wake up before the wave crashes. You must be coming to a turning point in life. The people in your dream are the people who have made a profound impression on you.

A close read of four recent nightmares and a dream-themed playlist.

They are coated in a gold substance, indicating some sort of value. As you say, they are all people you know. That is significant. You must value them.

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The sticky ones are newer relationships that have had some sort of impact on you, and the ones that have hardened are people who have made a long lasting impression. The magician and his water-dipping process are a representation of the point at which an individual in your life becomes a memory, experience, or relationship that will stay with you forever.

Dreaming about water is very common.


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Water is what we are made of, and what this planet is made of, and it holds memory. The water in your dream represents your life, and the sculptures are the people who have helped you become who you are. Dreams about water are incredibly common. There was this intern with a clipboard who kept circling around and going back to where we were to make sure she was doing whatever cool fashion thing she was supposed to be doing.

Part of her head was shaved and the shaved part had, gold glitter all over it. Everyone was very cool and wearing lots of Prada. I pretended to be applying for an internship, so she wouldn't get in trouble.

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I remember being like, "Well, I was interning at Goldman Sachs but like, who's in it for the money, you know? I studied art theory, or really the theory of art theory. He showed me a tattoo and we all got yelled at. And then I was late for work.

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Because most of your dream is somehow work-related, I interpret it as meaning that you are somewhat anxious about choices you are making with regards to your career. You have a job, but you are still coming to terms with that.

You want to be respected for the many qualities and skills you bring to the table, but you are working to find that confidence in yourself. Have you accomplished all the things you should have accomplished by this age? Are people impressed by you? How well do you fit in your social group? These are the sorts of concerns your dream hint at. I was in a swimming pool that looked a lot like the pool in the building one of my friends lived in when I was in elementary school.

She wasn't there, but there were a few people sitting around the edge, eating grapes — exactly like we used to do.

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I couldn't make out any of the faces, except for one: my boyfriend. This was followed by a persistent meme featuring the same moon-shaped, faintly grinning face — which appears to be that of a middle-aged adult male with large dark eyes, thick black eyebrows meeting in the middle, and thinning hair on top. This strangeness rose to public attention shortly after the site ThisMan. These dream descriptions have been emailed to the site administrator by a wide range of people from multiple countries, over a period of several years.

All the submissions had one thing in common: these people claimed to have seen this man in their dreams… or, in some rare cases, walking the streets. The doctor asked if she could describe the nocturnal visitor from memory, and she recited those details to a sketch artist — resulting in the infamous drawing showcased on the site, shared on social media and printed on flyers and posters.

As the story goes, the doctor formulated a theory about the shared dream experience, and gave copies of the sketch to all of his colleagues treating patients with recurring dreams. The posted dream descriptions are sometimes benign, occasionally very sexual, and most often surreal and threatening… but always with the same consistent presence: This Man. Sometimes he speaks; other times he remains silent. He appeared suddenly and disappeared in the same manner.

10 Common Nightmares That Everyone Has

In my dream, I was stuck in a room sitting on a stool. A few feet away from me there was a television set. I woke up covered in sweat and tears and I was screaming. I somehow fell asleep [again], then found myself back in the room.