From Crisis to Recovery: Old and New Challenges in Emerging Europe

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For already vulnerable families, humanitarian assistance will play a particularly important role in UNICEF operations.

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While the full impact of emerging crises on children and possible policy responses remain uncertain, UNICEF is continually conducting research with partners to build a stronger knowledge base for informing upstream policy responses and implementing efficient programming. Research is underway at global, regional and country levels, and we will work to continually maintain an efficient system for giving the most pressing issues attention in a timely, responsive manner.

These papers are intended to address a wide range of issues affecting children, which are of contemporary public interest. The papers are neither intended to be instructions for programming nor formal strategy documents.

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Financial instability, institutional development and economic crisis in Eastern Europe

Introduction Social and economic policy Human Rights-based Approach Gender Equality Statistics and monitoring Social and economic policy working briefs and papers Gender equality and legislative reform working papers Newsline Emerging issues Food price instability Economic Crisis and Recovery. The collapse of Lehman Brothers and what followed profoundly shook the region: growth, trade and employment collapsed and default threatened some governments and financial institutions.

The region avoided the much feared meltdown thanks to quick and well-executed policies supported by unprecedented international financial support. This is particularly true for countries where vulnerabilities remain high—those with substantial financing needs, widespread foreign-currency lending, and banks saddled with high non-performing loans.

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No wonder that these were the economies most affected by spillovers when the eurozone crisis intensified in the second half of First , every boom—no matter how unsustainable—has a good story at the time. Many of us were misled by the perception that the imbalances, including huge current account deficits and double-digit credit growth, were a benign byproduct of inevitable convergence toward European living standards. With the benefit of hindsight we now know that the laws of economic gravity hold—in emerging Europe just as now in the eurozone.

Second, counter-cyclical policies may be insufficient to fully prevent a bust, but they can dampen it. Third, a decisive and well-designed policy response can help overcome the crisis quickly. There is no silver bullet.

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Poland managed to avert a recession altogether, thanks to a flexible exchange rate and apt policy response, supported by a financial backstop from the IMF. Fourth, in meeting these challenges two decades of capacity building bore fruit. In fact, this is the common theme that runs through this brief history of transition, crisis, and crisis resolution. Underpinning future growth with strong institutions—skilled policymakers and their staff—is key to sustaining the success. Finally , well-coordinated international support and close cooperation between the public and private sectors make a difference.

Is Europe facing a new crisis?

Much will depend on how the crisis in the eurozone is resolved. In the meantime, the answer at the country level is to address vulnerabilities head-on: by improving competitiveness, reducing fiscal financing needs or dealing with non-performing loans.

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Given its institutional capacities, I am confident that the region will yet again be able to design and implement the policies necessary to meet these challenges. At the international level, we need to reactivate the successful international cooperation of the recent past. This includes the revival of the Vienna Initiative , taking into account the new circumstances for parent banks.