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It fits that the people of such a place would appear, to my earth-bound eye, to flit about like mist. But these mixed-dimensional exploratory scenes manage to trip over themselves in less intentional ways. From time to time the camera will wander off behind a wall, or allow one speaker in a conversation to drift out of frame entirely — dragging their word-balloons with them. Quite frequently, characters will vanish entirely for a second while walking around, typically when the game needs to swap in an image of them facing a different direction.

How the Bible Came to Be:

Once, early in my playthrough, the main character lay down to rest, and the sparkling effect that normally indicates that the player can control her got somehow stuck to her crotch for the length of a cutscene. And so on: many wobbly, scraping interface glitches like these keep coming, and they do seem out of character for an Inkle game, which I associate with more abstract but mirror-polished experiences. But I understood quickly that these came as the perhaps inevitable result of a tiny team with a small budget making something very, very large.

Even when I came to this conclusion, and decided to forgive the game its foibles, I had no idea its true size. Or maybe I was just digging in circles, looping around the Nebula like any of the swirling Ancient glyphs I never tired of collecting? I had a magnificient and compelling time either way, and when I finally caught up with an ending, I almost immediately started a new game.

I know from friends who have completed the game before me that it contains plenty more for me discover still, with entire alternate histories you cannot see except by replaying, choosing different paths and adopting different attitudes. At least twice so far in my second playthrough, I have missed a chance to do something I wanted to: once because I failed to act quickly enough, and another time because I simply forgot my own plans temporarily. I own both these errors, but the lack of any ability to rewind stings.

Playing through the game once has transformed the poor protagonist into an unwitting future historian , now more shy about trudging ahead into rather-less-unknown lands, while I the player feel quite reluctant to restart the story from the beginning just to see if I can nail a one-try-only timing challenge that occurs a fair distance in. But what hubris I have, trying to control multiple histories! I can accept that this may run quite counter to the lessons that Aliya learned, while she and I spent hours together defining her story — and the story of my defining it — all knotted up and flowing in one direction only, the way history does, like a current in a cloud.

Disclosure: I purchased this game for myself. Daydreaming about the life hereafter with Jesus is not only Biblical, it is also one of the best mood-lifters and perspective-shifters humankind has ever known. Here are 10 dazzling, exciting, and comforting things to ponder about Heaven.

When you take the time to remember the splendor for which we were intended, the road now becomes smoother and final passage later will be less about fear and more about anticipation. Three college football fans sharing news, takes, and opinions on Alabama, Auburn, and everyone else. Who's in the playoff?

Which coaches are in the hot seat? What crazy quote….