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Art Robertson. A whole lot more than you are now! If you aren't winning thousands from the Pick-6, you're just playing it wrong. Art says he finally got his breakthrough when he realized that he was approaching the Pick-6 all wrong Instead of playing for consistent multi-thousand-dollar wins where the odds are much better, he was trying only to win the huge jackpot.

And no matter how he analyzed it, he couldn't beat the million-to-1 odds. That's the secret to winning thousands of dollars consistently while increasing your odds for winning the million-dollar jackpots. With Art's " Guaranteed 6 Numbers Method ", it's like having the secret combination to a bottomless vault of money.

Now, whenever you need money, instead of going to a bank and draining your savings, you just play Pick-6! So if you are serious about Getting out of debt! Quitting your dead-end job! You will need to correctly answer your security question before a temporary password will be emailed to you. When you log back in you will be prompted to create a new password. Lotterywest has processes in place that ensure your identity and financial details are secure.


The EV signifies that Lotterywest has passed an identity authentication process. The EV will trigger your browser address to display a green bar that when clicked on will display Lotterywest's company name and address the organisation that owns this website. This signifies that you are dealing with Lotterywest. You can click on this bar to display a message box which confirms that Lotterywest is 'Identified by Thawte', the certificate authority that issued this EV Certificate.

A padlock should appear in this message box. This confirms that your connection to our site is encrypted and secure. The security and safety of your Lotterywest membership account is a priority for Lotterywest and it is important that you protect yourself from possible fraudulent activity. We will not access your credit card details. Your credit card details will not be part of our operating system. To purchase tickets through the Lotterywest App, you will need to be a Lotterywest member. Learn more about becoming a Lotterywest member here.

If you're already a member and are unable to purchase lottery products, please contact us. Players using the Lotterywest App on an Apple device must have their location services turned on and be in Australia when accessing the App.

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If you are outside of Australia you will still be able to purchase tickets through the Lotterywest website if the laws in that region allow you to use purchase lottery tickets online. The app should prompt you to turn your location services on when you first try to purchase a ticket.

If you need to turn it on manually you can follow these simple steps:. Visit the Apple Store and follow the prompts to download the free Lotterywest App. We do however have our Lotterywest Lite App which can be accessed here.

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Simply download the lite app and follow the instructions to set up the full Lotterywest App. Rest assured that by following the download and installation instructions, the app will be accessible and ready for use. You may have noticed that our Lotterywest App is not in the Play Store.

Simply download the lite app and follow the instructions to set up the Lotterywest App. Alternatively we've put together this easy step-by-step guide to assist you in installing the app on your compatible Android device. Therefore there are a few more steps when downloading the app for the first time, as well as when there is an update to the app. The below instructions will guide you through how to update the app.

Notification: when you click on the Lotterywest app you may be notified that there is a new version available for download. Click on this file to download it. This will allow you to install the update. Then go back to your notifications and click on the downloaded file. Launch: Visit App Launcher to access the app - you can then choose to save it on your home screen for quick access. To uninstall the Lotterywest App, hold down on the app icon until an X appears in the corner. Select the X and the app will be removed from your device.

This will not close your Lotterywest membership. To uninstall the Lotterywest App, hold down on the app icon in the apps screen and drag it to the trash can. Lotterywest App notifications are a new feature that send reminders to your mobile or tablet device on upcoming draws or special events. To get started, download or update to the latest version of the Lotterywest App, then follow the steps below:. The toggle will be grey when notifications are turned off. If you would like to turn on Lotterywest App notifications at a later time, you may need to update your permissions.

From here you can swipe the toggle button to turn notifications on. For Android devices, you should be able to choose your notifications directly through the Lotterywest App. However if this does not work, open your Settings menu, then Sound and Notification, and then App Notifications. Make life easy by subscribing to receive draw results by email. Then simply visit our subscribe page to re-subscribe using your new email address. If you are a Lotterywest member, you can update your email address directly by logging in and editing your account details.

Current and past results are available instantly at your fingertips, wherever you go. Just visit the results page and search for your draw. Local call costs apply from landlines. Mobiles and pay phones cost extra. The winning numbers for Set for Life will be published on Seven and 7Live at approximately 8. These times may change without notice. Simply scan the barcode, then wait for the beep and the message to follow.

Check just one, or go to town and check them all! Only tickets purchased at a Lotterywest retail outlet can be checked at an outlet. Winnings from your tickets purchased online will be credited to your e-wallet. For online, self-serve kiosk or app purchases, your winnings will be paid directly into your e-wallet or nominated financial account.

Read more on our Collecting Your Prize page. Alternatively, prizes can be paid directly into your bank account when you provide your BSB and account number. Unfortunately we are unable to pay prizes in cash. Top prizes must be claimed at Lotterywest Head Office during office hours. All Division 1 and 1st Prizes are subject to a 14 day validation period. To claim a Division 1 or 1st Prize, you must present at Lotterywest head office within twelve months of the draw. Bring with you a printout of the details of the winning entry and information which will confirm your identity and place of residence.

Gambling Help Online is a national website providing comprehensive information and online support services for problem gamblers and their families and friends. It also provides an anonymous self-assessment questionnaire which will help you assess if your playing behaviour is putting you and your family at risk. Visit www. It offers a supportive environment to talk about the impact that gambling has on their lives as well as the opportunity to learn new ways to manage their behaviour.

Regular counselling sessions are offered to individuals, their partners or family members to discuss concerns about their gambling behaviour. People wishing to gain skills and confidence to control gambling behaviour in a supportive group environment may access this program.

The group program is run over 10 weeks and provides participants with the opportunity for personal development, insight and learning through structured exercises. Centrecare aims to provide a respectful and culturally sensitive service and interpreters are available on request. Talking to someone is easier than you think.

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  • To make an appointment in the Perth metropolitan area, phone 08 and ask to speak to the Client Liaison Officer. In the Southwest please call the Bunbury office on 08 , in Kalgoorlie please call their office number of or if you are in Esperance please call For 24 hour telephone support, please contact the Gambling Helpline on This is a free call and will not be listed on your telephone account. Day and evening appointments are available. Once you have selected a period of self-exclusion you cannot change the period of time until that time has elapsed.

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    There are a number of organisations that can give you help and advice, before and during your time as a retailer. Examples are:. The retailer is appointed until 31 December For more information, click here. All Lotterywest retailers operate under a formal Agreement that is specific to the owner, location and business type. Lotterywest retailers do not operate under a franchise.

    We suggest signing an Offer and Acceptance subject to Lotterywest approval. We require 30 working days to progress a complete application which you should consider when negotiating a settlement date. Detailed commission payable by product is available in our Retail Manual.

    We can help by giving details of lease negotiators who may be able to assist, and confirming with you your options under your Agreement. Please send an email to retail-admin lotterywest. A member of our Retailer Support team will be in contact with you. Ongoing fees and charges also apply. The full schedule is available in our Retail Manual.

    We operate a direct debit banking process to settle amounts due for the weekly direct debit. More information is available in our Retail Manual. Lotterywest can provide you with a list of various buildings and shopfitters from which you can obtain a competitive quote for your Lotterywest shopfit. Please call us for more information. Maintaining the retail image helps identify you as a retailer, attract customers to your store, inform them about our products and as a result, optimise your sales and strengthen brand recognition. You can find out more under section 3 in the Retail Manual.

    Having a high standard in your retail image will help you optimise sales and improve the instore customer experience and qualify for various rewards and incentives. Lotterywest carries out routine Retail Presentation Standards assessments at all of our stores either by photos or visits. Stores are assessed against a number of key elements from displaying current point of sale through to ensuring that all Lotterywest equipment is functioning correctly.

    A New Watchlist

    In addition to having regular Retail Presentation Standards assessments, Lotterywest provide a self-assessment checklist which outlines all the key areas that are evaluated as part of your regular assessments. Support hours can be found here. The interim process considers factors such as the position of proposed outlets and impacts on existing outlets, player access, revenue and new retail areas.

    If you have any questions, or want to find out more about the availability of certain locations, please contact us on and ask to speak with a member of our Retail Network Planning Team. There are two ways to enter our network, either by establishing a new outlet or purchasing a business that already has a lottery outlet. Information on how to establish a new outlet can be found here. Use our handy find a store locator to search for your nearest Lotterywest store.

    Lotterywest does not give retailers any territorial exclusivity in relation to the sale of lottery products and has full discretion in relation to the number and location of lottery outlets. Your success is our success and together we make a difference to WA. That's why it's important that our retail network performs optimally and efficiently and is sustainable long term. So that we can reach our business potential and support you to reach yours, we offer great initiatives to help you grow your business.

    Information regarding training requirements can be found in section 2 of our Retail Manual. Rewards 4 Growth is an annual rewards program providing incentives to retailers who improve their total sales performance. Sales Sprints run in conjunction with the annual rewards program. They offer a variety of reward types and focus on specific Lotterywest products and selling behaviours. The Lotterywest Retailer Conference is held every two years and is our premier professional development day for retailers. The event agenda includes important business updates from Lotterywest, interactive master classes and presentations from nationally recognised retail industry experts.

    Workshops are suitable for owners, store managers and staff. These interactive sessions are customised to best suit your business, providing you and your team with practical skills, knowledge and tools to enhance workplace performance. We will work with you to explore your initiative, and if we can support it, or if there are other initiatives we can support your community with. If you are unsure of the eligibility of your organisation or project, please call us to discuss.

    Please don't under or overestimate your request. Request the amount that will support your initiative, has a strong case to support it, meets relevant assessment considerations and demonstrates value for money. We do not have set amounts, however we expect requests to demonstrate a sound case for the initiative, address relevant assessment considerations, provide value for money and provide other sources of support.

    We expect that most organisations will make a contribution from their own resources, whether financial or in kind.

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    For relevant initiatives we also expect contributions from other funders. We can offer ideas to help you to combine our grant with other sources of support. We can consider support for aspects that go beyond the Government funded elements or under individualised funding arrangements to better meet the needs of the community.

    Given the range and complexity of arrangements, we encourage organisations to discuss their grant application with us before applying. Contact us before you make an application if you believe exceptional circumstances apply. It will generally take three months to assess your request and make a recommendation to the Lotterywest Board for consideration.

    It may take longer if your application is incomplete when you submit it to us, we need further information or the assessment is complex. Please factor in these timeframes to when you need to apply to make sure you know about the outcome of your request in time for planning your event or project. Lotterywest approves around 1, grant applications every year. Our intent is to support your idea if we can.

    Check out our common grant types to find the one that fits best with your request and then please call us to discuss and get some guidance from our team members before you submit an application. Please call us if you plan to make multiple applications in a year so we can work with you on how best to do this. In some cases, requests can be grouped together in one application. Please contact us about how best to progress if you are planning to submit more than one application within a short timeframe. Relevant information can also be found in documents such as minutes from Board or Management meetings, policies and codes of conduct.

    The following links provide information to assist not-for-profit organisations ensure the appropriate governance arrangements:. There's no limit to the amount of information you can provide, although we encourage you to only provide the necessary level of detail. Your application will be assessed by our team and a recommendation made to the Lotterywest Board. Our Board reviews all grant recommendations. A final recommendation is then presented to the Minister for Lotterywest for approval. A typical grant process looks like this:.

    Of course! However, one of the organisations will need to be responsible for each application and be the applicant and show how you will be working together. We will need to consider what stage your previous grant is at, and why it hasn't been acquitted. Any assessment of a new grant request will take this information into consideration. Please call us to discuss. If your organisation is not registered for GST and would find it difficult to pay the tax, please call us to discuss.

    Lotterywest grant conditions and agreements must be signed by the person legally able to enter into contracts on behalf of your organisation. We refer to this person as the legal signatory. Please check those documents if you are not sure. It is important that you call us to discuss your idea or project and any questions about applying before you apply. Lotterywest provide written advice on the outcome of all applications.

    If your grant is approved, we will advise you of payment arrangements and our requirements for reporting on the grant and acquitting the funds. You can track the status of your application in the portal. Once a grant is approved, we'll send you a letter advising what has been approved and any outstanding requirements for payment to be made. Grants are paid through an electronic funds transfer.

    All organisations who receive our support are accountable for the expenditure and reporting on the grant within a given timeframe. Our grant acquittal processes are explained once your grant is approved. It also helps inform people about how playing Lotterywest games enables us to provide grants like yours. Your organisation also benefits from being partnered with our well established and respected brand. Visit Sharing the news for resources on how you can tell your good news story. Let us know if there are changes to your project or the key members involved so we can work with you in to ensure these changes do not affect the intended outcomes of your grant.

    We also need to know if the changes relate to your organisation's details such as bank details, name, delegated authority or GST status. You can make these changes in the Portal. The request should be made in writing within 60 working days of receiving formal advice of the decision to the attention of Susan Hunt PSM, Lotterywest CEO, and signed by your organisation's Chairperson or authorised delegate. Please include the reason for the review and what you propose as a resolution.

    We will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible. A request for review will not impact the consideration of any future applications. Yes, you will receive feedback along the way from the member of our team who is assessing your application. Our team focuses on building relationships and we are always happy to talk about your needs and ideas. Not automatically! While many Lotterywest grant customers will be registered with the ACNC, there is no direct link between the two. Some organisations will be eligible for a Lotterywest grant even though they are not registered with the ACNC. We can support a range of not-for-profit organisation structures including Incorporated Associations, not-for-profit companies, Aboriginal Corporations and unincorporated associations.

    During assessment, or as part of your initial enquiry, we will determine your not-for-profit status and look for evidence of good governance. Good governance is required to ensure your organisation is well managed and operated with community involvement and support for what you do. This helps provide confidence that the grant will be responsibly and reliably managed, that there is support for what you do and that the project will effectively be delivered for the approved purpose to benefit the WA community.

    As part of the coming together of Lotterywest and Healthway we are exploring how to effectively work together to achieve better outcomes for the Western Australian community. This includes how we support requests from the same organisation for a related or complementary purpose. We encourage you to talk with us before you apply and get guidance on the best way to take your initiative forward. Whether you are developing a strategic, business or marketing plan, conducting a training review, planning your information and communications technology needs or designing a community facility - engaging a consultant may help in the following circumstances:.

    Choose a consultant who is recommended by others and has a proven track record in providing relevant, high quality advice. They should also have the ability to offer fresh ideas and someone who understands your organisation, its work and values so that they may add value by sharing and building skills with your staff.

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    We encourage any grants customers seeking to identify potential consultants who may be able to work on their projects to contact others in their own networks, which may include peak bodies, for any suggestions or recommendations. Other helpful tips:. They are awarded to a single or panel of suppliers to provide goods or services commonly used by government agencies. Western Australian public authorities, other government entities, local government authorities and registered Public Benevolent Institutions can buy from CUA suppliers.

    Your organisation may be in a position to benefit from CUA arrangements. Find out more at Contracts WA. Visit Connecting Up for more information. Partnerships between organisations can deliver improved outcomes from streamlining administrative tasks and shared workspaces to working together to deliver a community project.

    We often achieve more when we work with others. Many organisations say that their best partnerships have created opportunities and results never imagined when they started working together. The information below shares ideas to help you create successful partnerships. There are many forms of partnership. For the purpose of this section, we are referring to a relationship which endures for a period ranging from a few months to several years.

    Partnerships often develop between community organisations in the same sector working together to deliver better services, share facilities or combine administration functions. Community-business partnerships develop when a community organisation works with private business to raise funds, build capacity, share work spaces, increase opportunities, improve outcomes or achieve other goals.

    Community organisations can also form partnerships with public sector agencies. This is most common at local government level however they are also developed at State or Federal level. Good partnerships often have:. Getting the right support for your project can mean bringing in more financial resources, new expertise, contacts and in-kind support. The information below has some questions for you to consider and tips for gaining external support. Generally we would not expect to be the only source of funding for your request, even though we may be the major contributor.