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I rejoice that you've given yourself permission to enjoy the marriage and the family God has entrusted unto you.

Be blessed and may you have many more absolutely guilt free adventures. May God bless you as seek to glorify Him in your responsibilities as the tribe-leader! Came across your blog through a friend. For the first time this year we went out for dinner without our "special" son.

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He can't eat and is G-tube fed and hates sitting there for long periods of time since he's only 3. We felt so guilty for leaving him at Grandma's while we went out for dinner. I'm glad to hear that it's normal to have the guilty feeling. We took our first "family" can you call it that when you're not a whole family? Struggled with the guilt. In our heads, we feel assured that we have freedom in Christ to give the gift of vacation to our other children, at times, without the limitations our special-needs son brings.

But our hearts Blessings upon you, and thanks for sharing your lives with us.

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Learn more about the book here. We were on the verge of being irresponsible and both of us had played so hard with our kids that our bodies were sore. This spot on the beach is very special to us. But for the past 16 years our vacations have always been somewhat exhausting and mostly segregated. The routine was usually followed without much thought.

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I would come out on the beach in the early morning to be by myself and Kim would spend the morning in the condo with Jake. Around 10 AM I would relieve her and she would come out to the beach with the other children, or by herself, while I would spend the afternoon with Jake.

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Children always change the dynamics of a marriage, and time usually spent lavishing attention on a spouse can be divided for the attention of the children. That is mostly normal and not always a bad thing. But when you have a disabled child, sometimes the time divided can lead to neglect. In my 17 years of parenthood, I have been guilty of this sin many times. I do not mean that Jake has been a burden.

It has been an honor to care for him so deeply for all these years. I mean that when Jake was out of his environment—out of his element and off his schedule, he was mostly miserable and even harder to deal with than usual.

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Add to that the sensory integration of bright sun, hot humidity and his fear of water and his misery often became contagious. The supermarket claims it is the first UK supermarket to have removed sweets from all its checkouts. Although Tesco and Sainsbury's have removed sweets from counters at their larger outlets, they continue to be sold at the checkouts in convenience stores. Ronny Gottschlich, managing director, Lidl UK, said: "We know how difficult it can be to say no to pester power, so by removing sweets and chocolates from our tills we can make it easier for parents to reward children in healthier ways.

The ban comes after a National Obesity Forum report showed that previous estimates that half the UK population will be obese by had understated the problem.

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