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Would it make you a bad person for wanting to let go when he needs you the most? Are the bruises and hurts worth it? I like this book, and it took me a while to finish it because a lot of books came up in between, but I'm glad I did. Jolene Perry made a very beautiful novel. A very sensitive topic was threaded carefully. She did not overdo it that you might want Because sometimes all we need is somebody to sit in silence with.

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She did not overdo it that you might want to close the book and not read it again, instead she presented it really well, with situations that are serious, but can be really happening in the real world to some people who can barely recognize abuse all because they are in love. But, how much are you willing to give for love? How much are you going to sacrifice for it?

Ronnie has been in love with Shawn since she was young, and after being separated for a couple of years, he was back in town, and they continued their relationship. But things weren't the same anymore. Shawn was different - he was easily angered and could hardly control his actions. Balancing the school play Romeo and Juliet, her problematic boyfriend and a weird feeling she has for one of her closest friend - left Ronnie confused. She didn't want anyone to know what's happening to her and Shawn, not even to her father, Luke or even her best friend.

She tried to understand him and hope that the boy she fell in love with back then will come back the moment his problems go away. But it did not, and bruises starts to show - both her best friend and Luke tries to tell her to talk to someone. Abuse starts small. For Ronnie, it started with commenting on the way she dress, or ordering her which shoes to wear. It revolved into grabbing her wrist and into something unthinkable sorry no spoilers! If someone loves you, they would love you for who you are - no questions asked.

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They would never hurt you, emotionally and most especially physically. People should not stay in relationships because of the years they are together. They should stay because they both love each other, they respect each other, and each feels a sense of security. If you don't feel these things anymore, and if the person you're with is hurting you - the most logical albeit, the hardest thing to do is to let go.

For more book reviews, you can check my website Book Freak Jun 07, Claire rated it really liked it. Shawn is a typical teenage girl with a typical crush. She has been in love with Shawn since forever, and just because he's changing doesn't mean she is going to stop loving him. Luke is her best friend, but why does she feel so different around him than she used to.

I was very wary when I started to read this book. Violence against women is a very touchy subject, and I was worried that this book would fall apart if handled wrongly. But I didn't need to worry, for Jolene Perry knows exactly what s Shawn is a typical teenage girl with a typical crush. But I didn't need to worry, for Jolene Perry knows exactly what she is doing. Ronnie Bird. I want to say I loved her character. But I didn't. I really didn't. I found her to be ridiculously pathetic. I know that was probably part of the story, if she had of been a stronger person half of the story would never have happened, but it really annoyed me to no end.

Sure, she loves Shawn. She has always loved him. She doesn't see herself with anyone else, nor does she want to. They just connect. But now Shawn is different. He is angry all the time and he is starting to take it all out on Ronnie. But of course, she isn't helping right. Why oh why did she wear she wear her gorgeous wedge heels when she knows Shawn doesn't like her wearing heels.

We could all see Shawn's breakdown a mile away. Heck, even Ronnie knows something isn't right. Shawn is a wonderfully bad character - Ms Perry has written him superbly. The things he says would probably make any girl second guess herself, especially someone like Ronnie. After he leaves bruises on her wrist for the first time, she tries to pass it off.

But you must know it's wrong if you won't tell anyone. She shoves it away like it's nothing so of course it was going to get worse. Luke is a gorgeous character as well. It was fairly obvious of his feelings for Ronnie from the start. Despite everything, Luke continues to be friends with Shawn, just for Ronnie's sake.

He is so sweet and Ronnie knows it. So just dump the violent boyfriend who obviously doesn't care and move on. Seems so easy in my head. Despite my dislikes with the main character, I absolutely loved this story. It is so easy to sit back and say "I would be different, I wouldn't let him treat me like that, I would tell someone" but when it came to real life, would we really? This novel touches on a strong issue, bringing all these things into the open, for us to really think about.

That's what this story made me do - Think. Feb 26, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in Knee Deep is all about immersing oneself more than one can take and there is only one driving force behind it: the fear of letting go. To see Ronnie mature emotionally was a very unlikely experience for me as it gave me insight into the reason for staying in relationships that end up bringing one down. It's hard to break out of one's comfortable zone and Ronnie taught me how difficult Knee Deep is all about immersing oneself more than one can take and there is only one driving force behind it: the fear of letting go.

It's hard to break out of one's comfortable zone and Ronnie taught me how difficult it could be. Not that I didn't get the urge to shake some sense into her. Ronnie is an insecure and confused character in the book. She is so desperate to keep things with Shawn at peace that she keeps stepping on her wishes time and again. Ever since Shawn came back after the summer, he has been tight-lipped, moody and gets easily upset. So much that Ronnie and they end up arguing every other day. But Ronnie knows that things at home are not alright with Shawn.

She knows that she is just adding to the list of problems rather than helping him come out of the funk. To make matters more perplexing, Ronnie gets the role of Juliet's understudy but end up playing her role opposite Luke. Now she has to keep her growing attraction towards Luke under wraps by convincing herself what she feels for Luke is due to Juliet, not herself. She knows she is treading on dangerous ground here but Shawn is her soul mate and all of this will blow over once the play is over.

But Shawn's behavior is making Ronnie more and more afraid of him but unable to do anything about it, she takes the next best option: she bears the physical pain because it is definitely a small episode. However, things only take a turn for worse. Especially after the play when Luke comes clean about his feelings and Shawn is waiting outside for Ronnie so that they could be alright again. Knee Deep kept me on my toes towards the end and I can only say how much I appreciated Jolene Perry for pointing out the importance that sometimes not being in a relationship is good for a person.

Not saying how it ended though. On a side note, I really liked the dressing sense of Ronnie and her wedge heels, too. Knee Deep is a roller-coaster ride of emotions and I highly recommend it to the readers of contemporary YA. May 14, Sam rated it really liked it. Review: Wow. That is about all I can say. Favorite childhood book shout out! This book was awesome.

I loved how Jolene incorporated all of the aspects of a good love story, but also of pain and forced indecision. Cover: Frankly, the cover creeped me out a little. The way the girl stares at you just gives me the shivers. However, I know wh Review: Wow. However, I know why they call it Knee Deep!

The reason is so cute! However, that was a good thing because it meant I was paying attention to the story and not what was going on in my own little world. Characters: Ronnie Well all I wanted to do was slap her, or make her wake up in some way and to stop being an idiot. I mean, the whole book she was a dependent little girl. Always making sure Shawn was happy and never checking to see if she was happy, and the one time she would be happy Shawn would come along and mess it up. I got annoyed with her personality of always defending Shawn. It made her into a whiny brat and it was just plain annoying.

The two guys that I know you want to know about are Shawn and Luke. I hated his character. Speaking of Luke, he is everything you want a guy to be, caring protective and loving. I want more Luke! All in all: I really did enjoy Knee Deep. View 2 comments. May 04, Cheyenne Teska rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , ebooks , for-review. Ronnie is convinced that Shawn is the boy she's meant to spend the rest of her life with, even when he begins to prove himself unworthy of the role.

She convinces herself that he's the same boy she fell in love with when they were kids, even though their lives begin to travel down two separate paths. Will Ronnie know when to walk away, or does she love him enough to put herself through anything? When their relationship begins to move too fast for her comfort and Shawn begins to pressure her, Ronn Ronnie is convinced that Shawn is the boy she's meant to spend the rest of her life with, even when he begins to prove himself unworthy of the role.

When their relationship begins to move too fast for her comfort and Shawn begins to pressure her, Ronnie gets the hint that something isn't quite right. It isn't until she experiences what his home life is like that she realizes why Shawn has been acting the way he has, possessive and controlling, drastic mood swings, starting fights over the fact that Ronnie is taller than him when she wears heels.

At least she has the drama club to take her mind off of it all for a while. She even becomes Juliet's understudy in Romeo and Juliet and seems to get a lot closer to her friend, Luke, than she originally intended. The characters were very realistic and I often felt Shawn's rage, Ronnie's fear and Luke's compassion. Emotions were set high and there was nothing else I could do but to continue reading to find out how Ronnie would get herself out of this mess. Like most women of abuse, Ronnie continuously told herself that it wasn't his fault, things at home had gotten bad, and eventually she even began to put the blame on herself.

Luke was there to remind her that love wasn't supposed to leave her feeling worthless, which I believe helped her in the long run. I love this author's writing and the ease it takes to follow her stories. I was completely captivated by the lives of these characters, the help Ronnie could have gotten from most people around her and what it finally took for her to say no. While incredibly heart-wrenching, Knee Deep will end on a high note, leaving you with a grin that's hard to wipe off your face. Jul 02, heather - NightlyReading rated it really liked it.

Oh Wow! This book had a lot more elements than I had been expecting! It was written beautifully and held a great way to ease the reader into the story! Shawn and Ronnie together actually seemed kind of perfect, like a dream come true. You can tell that Ronnie has true love for Shawn and is willing to Wow! You can tell that Ronnie has true love for Shawn and is willing to look past a lot to just be with him.

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  5. In the end, I think it was a relationship more out of convenience and comfort rather than love for each other. Luke on the other hand, was amazing: I loved the way Ronnie would get the butterflies in her stomach and all flushed when she was near Luke. She had finally started realizing that there just might be more to their relationship besides just friendship. Luke is a truly one of a kind great guy. He pushed aside his feelings for Ronnie in order to keep her safe and did not push her into doing something she was not ready for.

    Shawn had started out like a really great guy, but ended up being such a loser. The abuse that he had given towards Ronnie would have had me running for the hills, but I enjoyed the way the author kept Ronnie wanting to fix their relationship. Ronnie was written in a way that shows just what a battered woman goes through. The feeling of guilt as to why you had angered them, also, the feeling of how sorry they are for hurting you in the first place. It took a major blow up for Ronnie to finally realize that Shawn was no longer the boy she fell in love with.

    Keep a watch out for this author! I have a feeling she will be giving us more great things in the future May 01, Ottilie rated it it was amazing. Does loving someone mean losing your inner strength? I read this in a day. Senior year, the last year in high school which is suppose to hold all these options for students, their last year of high school Ronnie and her friend Mindy each year set a goal of what they plan to accomplish that year in their notebooks of firsts. However as Ronnie sets out to try out for the school's play with her best gu Does loving someone mean losing your inner strength?

    However as Ronnie sets out to try out for the school's play with her best guy friend Luke her senior year is far from what she could have ever imagined! Problems arise from her soulmate of a boyfriend, Shawn. Ronnie's head is spinning as she keeps trying to understand Shawn while balancing the play. Jolene Perry creates a story that teens should read, not only because she has developed this world where the readers feel as if they are in the character's heads with all the emotional chaos that unfolds.

    Knee Deep is a great coming of an age book for anyone, yes finding love is important, but does that mean losing yourself to be with the one they love? Knee Deep kept me wanting to not stop hitting my kindle next page button. Ronnie is a believable character. I have read books like this before, but the main characters annoyed me. However Ronnie is a strong character despite all that she is dealing with. With the strength of her parents, brother, and two friends Mindy and Luke she learns so much about not only herself, but life. Perry shows not only the present, but also flashbacks to help the story flow which were fun.

    Also I wish there were more Luke's in the world ::sighs This book is for anyone who loves love, characters who are real, and beauitfully written stories! I would recommend it. Sep 02, Radiant rated it really liked it. Ronnie is happy with herself.. But life isn't that perfect when she realizes shawn is changed,,he's more aggressive and gets angry for every small thing she does.. She tries Only solace in this all.. But when she finds herself as Juliet and Luke as Romeo Confused,torn between two and her decisions..

    But when her last attempt to patch up with shawn does her bad than good.. She never realized but it was Luke who she always loved and wanted. Can they both ever be back as before.. Knee-Deep is a beautiful contemporary.. It was beautiful,capturing and emotional! May 11, Cecilia Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: blog-tour , young-adult , fav-authors. What a fantastic story!

    So heartbreaking and real. Loving someone is easy, especially if you've known them like forever. Letting go is hard,and finally when you take a deep breath and exhale, there's that big, bright light at the end of the tunnel. Like the previous books I've read written by Jolene Perry, this one had me turning the pages, experiencing the MCs conflicts, emotions and her life. Ronnie and Shawn have been in love for a while now, and to Ronnie, their love is meant to last forever. Lately it seems Shawn has changed, and become more aggressive and possessive of Ronnie. On the other hand, Shawn's life isn't perfect.

    He works for his bad-tempered father after school. His life at home is not a peaceful one with his parents fighting like every night. Then there is Luke, Ronnie's bestfriend who loves her, but never showed her his true feelings, that is until both take part in Romeo and Juliet. He is like a knight with some sort radar, always sensing when Ronnie needs to be rescued from very tight spots, and always from Shawn.

    Luke is also the kind of easy going guy who stops by your house to have a chat your parents, help with stuff. And the parents adore him. I wish I had one of like him. Being Ronnie isn't easy, and the kind of situation she finds herself in is quite a strain, and I guess emotionally confusing. It was great to see Ronnie finally stop defending Shawn after realising her love for him will never surpass his need to be possessive and his aggressiveness. I highly recommend this book, and in the process, checkout other books by Ms Perry. Jul 09, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: pretty-covers , romance , simple-sweet , heart-wrenching , deep-moving , love-triangle , ba-author , ba-recommendation.

    I got way more then I expected out of this book. I enjoy sweet YA romances even without a deep seeded plot line with lots of life lessons, but when you can add all of that in, it really just blossoms into something amazing. This book really should be read by all females in high school. I believe it would empower them to not feel pressured into doing things they don't want to and to be able to notice an unhealthy relationship. It's easy to be blinded by love when your that young, but hopefully wi I got way more then I expected out of this book. It's easy to be blinded by love when your that young, but hopefully with the right knowledge one would be able to tell the difference.

    The characters Jolene created were absolutely stunning and it was the little details that gave the book such flavor. Things like Ronnie's obsession with high heels and Luke's obsession with graphic tees for twelve year olds. It helped paint such a clear picture. I will definitely be reading more of Jolene's books, but for now if your looking for something new, obscenely sweet and endearing along with a heartfelt life lesson then this book is for you!


    The LONDON FUNK ALLSTARS Knee Deep In The Beats vinyl at Juno Records.

    View all 6 comments. Apr 09, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: received-to-review , young-adult , Ronnie is in love. She has loved Shawn since they were kids. She feels that she will always love him and be with him. Through thick and thin, she loves him that much. Shawn is undergoing some changes. George is correct on that one. However, as I recall, George was not present at the inception of the track.

    Thankfully, Garry Shider was there and very supportive during the process. Garry helped to ease the tension between myself and the members that I did not yet know personally, which made my arrangement easier for the band to handle. Bootsy Collins added his drums at a later date. Bernie was waiting on his awesome Moog Modular to arrive, which took a bit longer than expected. The awesome vocal aspects of the track were also added some time later, as well. So in spite of what you may have heard to the contrary, this is the way it really happened. As a multi-instrumentalist did you record a lot of stuff individually and overdub parts, or were sessions generally done live with a group?

    Many of my tracks were used as I recorded them, however, occasionally I would pass through a session and add a part to a track that I liked. Very seldom was the group, as a whole, involved in a track at the same time. There were just too many musicians and vocalists to constantly be in the same place at the same time. The bulk of my contributions on these tracks were in writing and lead vocals. The tracks were given to me and I listened to them and matched those tracks to members of the group i. Having said that, I wrote the lyrics for the above-mentioned tracks and produced the vocal sessions but in the end, I have to say, there were as many wonderful talents on the vocal side of P-Funk as there were on the musician front.

    Just the same, everyone was buzzing at that time.

    See a Problem?

    It was really amazing to see all of the highly professional musicians and vocalists in P-Funk working together. There was a great deal of movement and creativity around because many other projects iterations were being developed at the same time. Without this movement, borne by the tremendous talents involved, we would be telling a different story now.

    A: Acting as a music producer, which is my primary function within most of my collaborations, means being able to help to bring an idea into physical form, so that it can be shared not as a concept but as a physical event. A group of people would have a hard time dancing to a concept unless it existed in physical form. Case in point, most of us, as creators, are not creating for mind readers, so when we create we need to have our ideas stepped down to a lower vibration and affixed to some medium or another in order for those ideas to be shared.

    As far as the arrangement is concerned, I always create a catalog of music, some with lyrics and others with music only. My side of the production also involved setting the framework for the rest of the musicians to fit into. A lot of my work for the group was done at a remote studio in north Detroit where generally, I would set up a track with drum machine, any keyboards, bass and guitars.

    I also worked with a team of vocalists to set the bedrock of backing vocals for the tracks. This would mostly be with Lynn Mabry and Dawn Silva. Bootsy added his drums at a later date. Michael Hampton added his monumental guitar solo to the Knee Deep mix some time later, as well. Yeah, missing credits. What George does and does well, is only part of the equation.

    To be honest with you, without the enormous creative power of the members of P-Funk most unsung and many who are no longer around to speak for themselves George would, at times, have been hard pressed to write himself out of a paper bag. This would go a long way toward explaining the random nature or lyrical style of most of the tracks produced by George.

    Unfortunately, many of the members who provided that input were never credited for it. Having said all of that, it was obvious that George had a certain feel for the groove and for recognizing the talent in others, so once those massive talents were put together, the sky was the limit.

    As, a consequence, those who were entrusted to insure the proper credits were posted, were either misinformed, misunderstood or completely unprofessional in failing to do so. Who is to say for sure. Call back all those records that were pressed and put the right credits on them, yo! Q: In the 80s you left P-Funk to focus on your solo career once again. How, if at all, did your approach change on your Columbia Records albums?

    (Not Just) Knee Deep by George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars

    That aside, my work with Columbia was indeed an extension of my solo work; a flow of sorts, that was always present with my creations. I always had plenty of music to share with the listeners and never stopped developing my own projects, regardless of what project I was producing on others at the time. Musically speaking, I continued to go solo with instrumentation and vocals while adding more tech to the mix. Most of the tracks for Columbia Records were as esoteric as always but great fun to produce.

    Q: Rap music obviously had a huge effect on the landscape of popular music in the 80s. Some musicians of the time appeared threatened by it as it grew in popularity. How did you view it? A: Early on, I could clearly see that hip-hop, in its infancy, would become popular within the industry. We would be listening to the same station so it was obvious to me that these kids knew every lyric of every rap song that played. It was very impressive. So at the end of the day, my groove seemed to fit right in. Plus, both of my Columbia albums were synth-based projects, as well.

    However, I did keep my analog chops in the mix by playing live drums, bass and guitar on those projects. Sure, drum machines existed at that time but a sampler with 3 seconds of memory was costing thousands of dollars. MIDI was also still in its infancy at that time so most of the tracks were still played by hand. These recordings were done in pseudo-techno style because the tech needed to do it purely, did not yet exist. So, each time I would have to re-record the project from scratch. Obviously, tech had some early teething problems, for instance, once you turned off a sampler, the sampled material was lost forever.

    Even my super expensive Synclavier computerized keyboard was so new that it had no MIDI connections at all so using it with a sequencer was out of the question. To be truthful though, being one of the early advocates of Techno was a rough nut to crack but totally worth it. As far as my statement about the effects of tech being dehumanizing, we could have considered it less of a warning; more of a speculative prophecy, perhaps. As a result, it was easy for me to envision and to be a part of the movement toward a music-technology mix.

    How long that will be the case, is up for grabs. For instance, it was quite challenging to create, from scratch, the computer game sounds of the title track. Obviously, there was no preset at that time which would have helped me to accomplish that feat. So, it is possible that Detroit Techno may have been further influenced, to some degree, by the material I was creating at that time. Who is to say for sure? Q: What do you make of the modern funk movement these days, with the music of folks like Dam-Funk and others? A: It is good to see the Funk movement continuing.

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