Living A Set-Apart Life

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Are you sensing a spirit of discontentment and frustration growing within you? You are not alone. In these verses, Paul reminds us of the truths we need to recognize when we find ourselves in these moments. The truth is, it is more normal to live a life of sin than of holiness. It is more normal to live a life serving self than serving others. It is more normal to seek comfort than sacrifice. It is more normal to desire our best life now than our best life in eternity.

Do we really want to be normal? Jesus Christ is anything but normal. Therefore, while we can pray for health, a new job, a spouse, a healthy child, or a change in circumstance, we must realize that those things are not what we are called to live for. Physical pain and discomfort have taught me what it means to rely on Christ on a moment-by-moment basis, as well as, to turn my focus from seeking my best life now towards a focus on living with an eternal perspective.

As believers, Jesus Christ takes our normal and ordinary lives, changes our hearts, minds, and eternal destination and, transforms us often through these unwanted circumstances into His likeness. In the words of J. The question of small or great has no place here. And the highest place to which anyone can attain in life is that for which he was designed and made. In other words, although they desired freedom, it was not a God-given right but, rather, a preferable option. Our lives demand a delicate balance between godly efforts to improve our situation and godly acceptance of those situations we cannot honorably change.

He is actively working, shaping, loving, guiding, and equipping me. The same is true for you. Because apart from Jesus, we are hopeless, powerless, lost, and suffering without a purpose. Yes, even in the storms, we can know that He is there and He is sovereign. This is one that I need to dwell on. God killed his own Son so that we could be saved from a life of slavery to sin and a deserved eternity in hell. If He could save me from hell, He certainly can save me from a life of chronic pain and illness.

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And He can save you, in whatever place you find yourself. However, if He chooses not to, at least for the moment, then our loving Father has something greater for us. It helps to remember that God did not enjoy watching His son suffer, but in His amazing love for us, even as undeserving and ungrateful sinners, He still chose for His Son to be beaten, mocked, and killed, in order to purchase our freedom through His blood. So we can be confident that God will not let us suffer one moment longer than His proven love allows.

Brothers and Sisters, Christ has brought you and I to the places we are, at this time, for a reason. He has ordained, allowed, and chosen it for His sovereign purposes. We may not understand why and we may not know for how long, but He is faithfully working. We can choose to fight it, or we can grab hold of the truths that we have in the gospel, surrender our demands for freedom from our earthly troubles, and trust that we are part of a far greater plan than we could ever imagine.

Living Set Apart

Our troubles, though numerous on this earth, are momentary. They will all be worth it if we endure till the end. For me, I long to be able to eat normal food again with my family and friends and, I do desire to participate in life without daily pain. However, this life is short and never a guarantee. We have each been given breath for a purpose and a time. So friends in Christ, while I do not intend to make light of what you may be experiencing, no circumstance you may be enduring is as terrible as it would be apart from Christ, who has given us a hope beyond this life.

Find encouragement and strength to fight another day in the truth that you are free and running towards a glorious and eternal prize. May we submit ourselves to the loving will of our Father, allowing Him to transform us to reflect our Savior, Who has called us out of normal and into His glorious light. I'm a stay-at-home mom of 4 kids under 12 and have been continually learning in deeper ways what it means to follow Jesus Christ - no matter the cost.

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My husband and I have been given the unique calling of raising a child with some very challenging needs, as well as 5 of us battling Lyme Disease. Some days, it seems as though the burdens that we carry will destroy our family. However, as we seek Christ and learn to lean on Him through every struggle, we are being strengthened, molded, and learning to be more satisfied in Him alone.

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I am learning deep truth's of God's Word and hope to encourage and challenge others through what He has been teaching my family and me through this valley. May He alone be glorified in and through my words.

Set Yourself Apart for Christ

View all posts by Sarah Walton. These are the kind of things that many well-intentioned people tend to say to a friend or family member when they are suffering or grieving. But are they true?

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Are these sayings actually Biblical? I hope you find it helpful. Like Like. Thank you for your question. Yes, I believe they are fully biblical. I think we need to be discerning in how and when we say things to those who are suffering. But that does not mean we avoid the truth either.

"Living a Set Apart Life", 2nd Corinthians 6, 6-26-2016

I have suffered intensely for years and have walked along friends who have endured things such as losing a child. There are no words that can take the pain away, other than being there, praying, and walking alongside of them as they grieve. Now we are to bear the image of that Light. Our lives, compared to the world, should be as different as day and night.

We are called to be brilliant, shining lights in the midst of darkness. In Matthew 5. We have the Light of God burning inside us. Do not hide the Light!

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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see the awesome works of God through you and glorify your Father in Heaven. Is that not being set apart?! Shining like a search-light in the midst of a blackout! And do we think that when we live as that Light God has called us to be, that the world will not notice that there is definitely something different about us — and will they not drop to their knees and glorify God as they experience the power and glory of God being poured out — yes, through us?!

A few chapters preceding the above verse, Jesus had said that He was the Light of the world; and the ones who follow Him will not walk in darkness, but have the light of life John 8. Because we follow Him, we have His Light in us and now we are also the Light of the world. Our life set apart opens an outlet for God to manifest His Presence to the world.

Our life set apart demonstrates that everything God has said is true and is a reality. To a devastated world, the peace and wholeness we bring to situations demonstrates that what God says is a reality: the healing, blessing, and prosperity we bring to those who are hurting are proof that God will do what He said. The world will know that God is Real when they know that He is real in us. But the Glory and Power of God cannot flow through us unless we live set apart.

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He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be set apart, holy, and without blame before Him in love Eph. He chose us to be set apart — now we must live set apart. A Life Set Apart is a life of daily consecration. It requires making the choice every day to live God-focused instead of world-focused. Not only does it require daily consecration of our heart, but of our entire existence — our mind and body, our speech and conduct, our pursuits, our dreams, and the way we spend our time, our resources, and our passions.

In order to be set apart, we must be set completely on God.