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The room begins to spin. I shut my eyes, and the world stopped whirling around me. But I was still in that terrible nightmare. I had to be. Because I remembered nothing. Nothing at all. When our protagonist awakes from a terrifying dream, he finds himself in a warm bed in a snug, wee cob house on a farm in Devonshire…with absolutely no recollection of how he has come to be there. In fact, as he struggles to recall the events that have led him to this place, he makes another startling realization: he cannot remember anything at all about himself!

While he remembers certain somewhat random facts the name of the current King of England; the recipe for gunpowder , he has no idea who he is or where he has come from. The farmer who has tended him explains that they found him on the beach after a terrible storm, and that they thus assumed that he had been shipwrecked.

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In the hopes that someone in town, or a local Baronet named Sir Edmund Darcy, might recognize him and help him figure out where he belongs, he sets out for the town of Seaton. And it is while he is en route that he is miraculously reunited with his friends, Sally and Tom, who have been scouring the countryside trying to find him. Since he still remembers nothing, his two companions fill him in on all the details of his life.

But by this time, Christopher has also become aware of sinister happenings in this corner of England. Children have been disappearing without a trace, and the villagers are afraid that it is the work of the evil White Lady, a figure from local folklore who steals children and feeds on their souls.


Kallistratus Wraith, Pirate Goth Magician & Corsetier

So once again, Christopher, Tom and Sally find themselves in the midst of a seemingly impossible quest. How can they hope to combat this otherworldly foe, Christopher wonders? But when they make their way to the home of Baronet Darcy, they begin to discover clues that suggest that the legends of the White Lady may have provided a convenient smokescreen to hide more nefarious dealings.

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Unlike the previous books, there are no puzzles to be solved in order to get to the bottom of this mystery. This works well as a way of creating freshness without sacrificing most of the aspects of the story that readers have come to love: the briskly-paced and deftly-woven plot, the thoroughly endearing characters and their relationships, the well-crafted mystery, and of course! While readers may miss the puzzle-solving element, they will be no less hooked by this tale as Christopher tries to determine what has happened to him, how he can regain his lost memory and how all of this may or may not be connected with the lost children.

In Call of the Wraith , Sands again weaves a wealth of information about the events of that time period into his intricately-plotted tale, this time focusing on the witch trials and the resulting hysteria around women accused of witchcraft.

[Pirate Wraith] Event! How To Kill Zoro Easily!

And then…there are also pirates. The author skillfully incorporates these elements along with the legends and folk tales of the region into the narrative. Be the first one to add a plot. S4, Ep9.

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The ex-genie Dread is freed from his bottle by the Pirate Pharaoh's mummy cat! S4, Ep Captain Hook becomes King of the Crocodiles. Captain Hook chases after the mysterious Gill Creature in pursuit of "a mighty treasure. When Captain Hook ruins the shipwreck lunch for a school of Pirate Piranhas, the feisty fish follow him home!

Captain Hook finds a magical medallion that creates lava monsters!

Cubby has difficulty learning to use a magic wand during a lesson with the Remarkable Beardini. Captain Hook tricks Jake and his crew into finding the legendary Stonewolf Treasure.

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