River Dancing

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After centuries of British rule in Ireland, the aim of the League was to recreate a separate cultural Irish nation where the use of all English language, culture, games, dress, literature, music and dance was eliminated. While its aims were admirable, the order banned many dances which were popular at the time including round and country dances as well as quadrilles. This year saw the formation of the Gaelic Dancing League which endeavoured to resurrect some of the dances they had caused to disappear.

When this was not possible, they composed others in their place. These included the Walls of Limerick and the famous Siege of Ennis.

The History of Irish Dance

In , the Public Dance Halls Act was enforced which required all public dances to be licensed and laid down the conditions under which licenses might be issued by district justices. With the act came the end of a way of life in rural Ireland where dances in neighbouring houses were commonplace.

Despite another obstacle to the growth of the culture of Irish dancing, the raw nature of set dancing did survive in the parts of Ireland which most valued tradition including counties Clare, Cork and Kerry. In , the birth of the Gaelic Athletic Association, a sub division of Comhaltas organised competitions where teams of dancers from around the country gathered together to share their own style of set dancing to all. This too inspired other communities to foster a pride in their own unique take on Irish dancing and look for and revive their own style of sets.

This spirit and enthusiasm for the culture of Irish dance is something that still to this day, remains strong in schools and communities across the country. You have to stand up and get a good position to see it properly. Johnny Foxes is a pub in the Dublin mountains that are well known for their hospitality to visiting tourists.

They run buses from the city centre and back nightly. For more details, follow this link. They are the only details we have on the show. It runs 7 nights and includes a 3 course traditional Irish dinner.

Dublin's Best Irish Dancing Show

Let us know what you're looking for and we'll come up with a route around some of Dublin's best pubs. Ireland go into the rugby World Cup in Japan in high spirits and with the support of the nation beh. The Church might be the best known pub in Dublin for U2 fans where the band never actually play. For a good few years now viewership and interest in NFL in Dublin has been on the up.


Dublin's Best Irish Dancing Shows

Some pubs sta. Its the best news stout drinkers and fans of small traditional pubs will have heard all year.

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You can book private pub crawls through Publin! Groups big and small for all occasions. Experienced guides who know Dublin's pubs inside out.

Fusion Fighters Dance Crew Perform in Temple Bar, Dublin

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