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The Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing for Bing Search

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A Simple Guide to Bing SEO

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Web Applications. Angular CLI 1. Mobile Applications. Is your business ripe for eCommerce Integrations? Quality Assurance. Business Intelligence. On page optimization techniques help the search engine crawlers read the website content. A readable site helps to show quality and will result in higher ranked web pages.

Review the following with your website developer to ensure that all these items have been considered:. Off page optimization includes those techniques that can be done outside your website to increase traffic to your website. The various free off page optimization techniques also known as free traffic sources that you can use to drive traffic to your website and increase its ranking level in major search engines include link swaps, blogging, social networks, white papers, infographics and forum postings.

Google PageRank is a system for ranking web pages used by the Google search engine. PageRank assesses the extent and quality of web pages that link to your web pages. Because Google is currently one of the most popular search engines worldwide, the ranking of your web pages received on Google PageRank will affect the number of visitors to your website. Techniques to improve your page rank are discussed below.

This table highlights some tips for increasing link popularity.

“The Bing Bang Theory” or what we know about Bing’s audience

For best results, ensure that links to your website are relevant. Site owners used to be satisfied simply to attract traffic to their sites; now they want to know what is working, such as which keywords most often lead to a sale. If you're trying to sell a product or service through your website, knowing the keywords that lead to this conversion at a high rate is an enormously valuable marketing asset.

With this knowledge, you can adjust your site content accordingly. The three major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, have webmaster tools that you as a site owner can sign up for at no cost to manage your website statistics, submit your content and site map and view diagnostic errors, malware or other concerns that the search engines find from indexing your site. You can also see broken links and the pages from where they originate in order to fix them quickly.

You require a Google account to set up a Google Webmaster tools account. Verified site owners can see information about how Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site. One of the key indicators that can be gathered from this tool is an understanding of the keywords that visitors to your site are using, and then comparing them to the keywords that Google finds on your site.

You can modify your content to reduce the "Bounce Rate", which occurs when someone enters your site, doesn't find what they like and leaves before proceeding to any other part of the site. Yahoo and Bing have now merged together to offer Bing Webmaster Tools. Getting started involves setting up a Bing webmaster tools account, then validating your website, creating and uploading a sitemap and developing a search optimization plan.

You should sign up for both. You should regularly check your search results on the main search engines. Type in keywords or phrases that describe your business to find out how it ranks in the search engine results pages. You can also use various online tools e. Key performance indicators KPIs to monitor include the number of landing pages you have, the bounce rate of those pages and the number of keywords driving traffic to each of those landing pages. You can look at the following metrics to track your optimization progress and help you make decisions to improve your website and your marketing strategies:.

Telephone: Facsimile: E-mail: E-Business ontario. This publication is part of an E-Business Toolkit which includes a series of booklets on advanced e-business topics and an introductory handbook How You Can Profit from E-Business. The entire Toolkit is available at ontario. Skip to main content. Increasing traffic to your website through search engine optimization techniques. Recommended for you E-Business toolkit. Key concepts Search engine optimization SEO involves designing, writing, and coding a website in a way that helps to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website from people using search engines.

How search engines work Search engines have four functions—crawling, building an index, calculating relevancy and rankings, and serving results. Getting started — planning 1. Questions to ask yourself Who am I trying to attract to my website? Who is my target audience? Do I have the resources and knowledge-base in-house to optimize my site or should I use the services of an SEO specialist? Who are my competitors?

Who are my allies and associates to help influence my optimization results? What is the budget and time I can allocate to optimizing my website initially and going forward? Setting SEO objectives and goals The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to boost your revenue by driving traffic to your website. However, there are other important objectives: To establish you as an expert in your field.

Visibility in search engines creates an implied endorsement effect where searchers associate quality, relevance and trustworthiness with sites that rank highly for their queries. To enhance product awareness. It is better to have an image or video displayed as opposed to just text since it will attract more attention. To increase sales leads. The goal is to drive the right traffic to your site by encouraging people to provide qualified contact information for future relationship building. To reduce cost per order. Free search engine traffic will help you reduce the cost of advertising compared to other media channels.

To encourage repeat visitors. Optimized pages help customers find additional products or services more easily and quickly after they have purchased from you, thus improving customer support and service. To qualify visitors. Search can help you understand the stage your buyer is at—just beginning or further along. Getting a clear picture of searcher and visitor intent helps you to adjust your site to accommodate their needs. Do-it-yourself options Many small business owners hire the services of an SEO expert to optimize their websites.

If you would prefer to do it yourself, here are some questions to ask yourself first: Do I really have the time it takes to optimize my website? Entrepreneurs wear many hats, and there may be too many other business priorities that take precedence over a website project. Will doing my own SEO save money? Time spent doing one job is time away from doing another.

Could focusing on web development and SEO instead of business planning, building customer relationships and handling staff issues end up costing more money in the long run? How strong are my web development skills? Be honest with yourself. Once you go to the site, you can follow the same steps as in Google My Business, and import the data or add your business information from scratch.

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Local content that is optimized correctly can bring online purchases. On top of that, more and more users are using not just one device, but several of them. Which, in terms of local SEO, can trigger lots of benefits if you have your business listed on Bing places. It will be easier to find your website since all the local results are above Bing search results. For more exposure, use local listings such as Yelp, Foursquare to help Bing locate and index your website correctly. Bing is a rich source of data and you should not overlook it.

Thank you for interesting article. I was wondering about tags. But would you suggest me to implement them. My blog is not that big just around pages.

Pretty good article. What do you think, making seo to google and bing is the same or there are significant differences between them? Great article points at good tips. But I do not agree with the idea that there is specified sharing times on social media. Its changing according to industry you are in and statistics of your webpage. I use different times of sharing for account. I totally agree with you, there are specific sharing times depending on the industry.

SEO for Bing: Optimizing for the 2nd Largest Search Engine

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Kpi marketing June 28th. Andreea Sauciuc August 2nd. Hi Priya, I totally agree with you, there are specific sharing times depending on the industry.