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One factor that occurs to me — is this influenced by how we imagine the role of the author in fiction, versus in poems or paintings? Paintings, also, are generally seen as being rendered by oneself. I think we culturally acknowledge that life rarely has an actual plot or shape to it. Poems and paintings are more easily classified as themselves slices of life, so when they omit plots, that is consistent with our expectations from them.

Poetry Pizza: A Slice of Life Collection

Fiction is seen as more of a pretense, I think. Without taking anything away from plot- and idea-driven fiction my personal bread and butter , I think that closing off the possibility of slice-of-life stories makes our body of literature weaker. I want authors to have access to a full range of tools so I can read what they build. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is an excellent example of this.

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Human-like robots wander a near-flooded future Japan hanging out with people and generally just living their lives. As if to hammer the lack of plot home, the last chapter of the manga is almost identical to the first. I have a single-serve Keurig that I have to fill with a cup of water each time I use.

Only half a cup came out. So I turned it upside down over the trash can, and super-concentrated coffee went everywhere. Including the legs of my chinos. I sat down and checked Blackboard.

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I started my doctoral program yesterday, and we are introducing ourselves to each other in both of my classes. I also wanted to see if my professor had answered my question. She had. I had actually finished a project with them a day earlier than I had anticipated when I created my plans.

The project my students had just completed was to learn how to use a literary analysis tool one was TPCASTT and teach it to their peers in a presentation in which they also share their analysis of a literary work using the tool. We fall back on habits and methods that we know.

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We forget. I thought fast. What if my AP Lit students worked in groups to choose a poem in one of my new collection of books by mostly living poets, chose a literary tool they learned last week not one they themselves presented , analyzed a poem, and shared their findings with the class?

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  • It was just starting to rain. I was glad I had remembered my umbrella so the books would stay dry. All went well in my first class. Thankfully, no one was waiting for help.

    Slice of Life: Poems and Art Collage

    I dried off my shoes with a paper towel from the bathroom and prepared to do the lesson again in my second class. What started out as a mistake turned out to be serendipity. The students dove into the poems and presented thoughtful analyses. They considered which tool to use thoughtfully, thinking about what their chosen poems included in terms of diction, literary devices, imagery, symbols, and other elements. It was brilliant.

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    And I think it may have helped me along the path to achieving my goal of convincing students to use these tools to analyze literature. Thank you to TeachLivingPoets , and thank you to generous AP teachers everywhere who share their ideas. In spite of me, I had some great classes today.

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