Starting Up: Critical Lessons from 10 New Schools

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The authors share how they worked to make their educational aspirations a reality while wrestling with social and economic obstacles, such as the distressed state of the communities in which these schools operated and the constant competition for resources. Starting Up tells real stories that capture the rich sense of possibility that currently exist for urban education.

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Horn Paperback, Now, 15 years after the first conversations about starting a charter school, the UChicago Charter School has compiled extensive successes, with 1, students on four campuses. Woodson, a sixth- to eighth-grade campus founded in ; and Woodlawn, a sixth- to 12th-grade campus founded in The UChicago Charter School has achieved impressive results since that beginning —this year percent of the graduates of Woodlawn were accepted to college and 20 percent of the graduates of Carter G.

Charter School representatives have continued the early partnerships with scholars at UEI and the UChicago Consortium on Chicago School Research to track student progress and make use of research findings. For example, the UChicago Charter School has placed additional emphasis on success in the ninth grade in light of UChicago CCSR research showing the pivotal importance of that year for future success. Bryk noted that research on what works best in small charter schools was limited when NKO was founded. UChicago Give.

Enter Search Below Search. A lack of organization can lead to chaos.

Meaningful Life Lessons We Learn From Teachers at School

Students who are organized have a much greater chance of being successful later on in life. This is a skill that begins early on. Ultimately, every person determines his or her future through decision making over a long period of time.

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It is easy for experienced adults to look back and see exactly how we paved the path that led us to where we are today. This is an abstract concept for students and teachers should spend time discussing how our decisions and work ethic at even a young age can shape our future. Parents have the largest influence on any child. In some cases, this influence may be negative in nature.

FAVORITE BOOK Starting Up: Critical Lessons from 10 New Schools GET PDF

However, most parents want the best for their children although they may not know how to give it to them. It is vital that teachers let their students know that they have the capability to control their own future, making different decisions than their parents, which can lead to a better life. Ultimately it does not matter what others think about you. Making a decision based on what someone else wants almost always turns out to be the wrong decision.

’We told them how important they were’

Teachers must convey the message of believing in you, trusting your instincts, setting goals , and reaching those goals without personal compromise. We are all potential change agents, meaning we have the potential to make differences in the lives of those around us. Teachers demonstrate this directly on a daily basis.

Tips on Starting/Running a Club at Your School

They are there to make a difference in the lives of the children they are charged to teach. They can teach students how they can make a difference by incorporating different projects such as a canned food drive, cancer fundraiser, or another community project. Being trustworthy means that those around you believe that you will tell the truth, keep secrets so long as they do not put others in danger , and will carry out tasks that you have promised to do. Teachers drive home the concepts of honesty and loyalty on a daily basis.

It is a core part of any classroom rules or expectations. Some students will initially reject a structured classroom , but ultimately they will come to enjoy it and even crave it when it is not there. A structured classroom is a safe classroom where teaching and learning are maximized. Providing students with a structured learning environment can show students that having structure in their life is a positive aspect that they need more of.

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Many people believe that their destiny is dictated by the situation in which they inherited by birth. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Every person controls his own destiny once they reach a certain age. Teachers fight this misconception all the time. For example, many students believe that they cannot go to college because their parents did not go to college. This is a cycle that schools work hard to break. The greatest lessons in life result because of failures and it is the lessons learned from those mistakes that help make us whom we become.