Thank You for HPV: A Simple Guide to Healing Yourself

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God bless you : -Yes!! With god everything is possible.!! Hello Ms. I would absolutely love to have a copy of your book because I suffer from auto immune complications as well. Please feel free to email me in regards to the donation issue. May you be blessed. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Primary Menu Skip to content. I will also share with you the healing foods I used to heal my body. I ask to see the head nurse, I have more questions about my abnormal PAP test. Smidi, you had some questions? How do I get rid of it? I open my car door, sit in the drivers seat and I put my hands on the steering wheel.

Thank you God. I did it. And know this- every range of HPV, from mild to severe, can be reversed the natural way. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. That is why adults only acquire a couple of runny noses annually whereas youngsters acquire a dozen colds annually. Therefore you could establish immunity to HPV. Therefore you should try harder to obtain resistance to HPV. If you do nothing it can take a few years to create resistance to HPV.

If you take the author's suggestions, it takes just a few months to develop immunity to HPV. The longer you have HPV the longer it can create damage. So it is best to develop immunity so as to get rid of HPV as quickly as possible. You can enhance your own immunity and therefore generally establish resistance to an HPV infection in a matter of a couple of months, before it can create any type of significant damage. Many individuals get confused and think they have actually not established resistance to HPV just due to the fact that they get infected once more by a different strain of the over HPV viruses.

But you can prevent future exposure and future infection. This writing sheds light on HPV infections, one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the US, affecting over 20 million men and women. HPV creates cervical dysplasia, cervical cancer cells, genital growths, plantar excrescences, losing unborn babies, infertility and penile cancer cells.

It does not matter how this book came to be in your hands. Just what is of concern is exactly how you utilize such details like countless others that have actually eliminated HPV. The author shares how she normally turned around the signs of HPV and completely recovered her own body of the HPV infection by enhancing her resistance. Exactly what the heck is HPV? I kept asking myself this concern when I obtained the medical diagnosis back from my gynecologist. I was ruined, puzzled and embarrassed.

I just sent you the book- please let me know if you want the paperback, i can send you that too. God is giving you a voice to help others — thank you! Thank you for this website. All the comments of the people who also suffer puts ease to my mind. I will purchase your E-Book as soon as possible.

It dies not define you. Welcome to the planet Earth. I am sending you more via email, check it out k? And I cried for a good 30 minutes. My life was just getting back on track, and then this happens to me. I will do what ever it takes. Hi Jess, thanks for writing. Yes you do have the strength to get through this. Did you get the book yet?

Can u help me pls??? Now almost 30 and need to rid myself of this virus. I get outbreaks constantly. Hi I also found out I have hpv, it makes me feel dirty I feel like its my fault can you please help me? Please help me.. I really wana cure this thing. I have faith in God that I will be healed. I just need help.

I will devote my life to being cured naturally. God bless you. I was diagnosed with CIN 3 in my cervix in After LEEP, my next pap came back normal. That was in January , I found a wart near my anus. I went to see a Colorectal Surgeon and I now have warts in my anal passage. At 42, divorced and single after two bad relationships with cheaters, I feel so broken, defeated and dirty. I will download your book and I hope and pray to God, someone finds a cure one day. Thank you for your work and efforts, Zeina!

Hi Mary… feeling you girl. This too shall pass, trust me! Thank you Zeina! I actually bought it on Amazon but two copies are better than one! Love your blog zeeluv. God bless! Hey, can you please tell me how you got rid of it? Please please help me :. I was diagnosed with high risk HPV about a month ago. I feel like he blames me, although it was possible he already had the virus. In fact I feel as if nobody else understands this and going to a doctor I received rather vague information. Thank you being brave enough to write a book about healing yourself so that we can all have a chance at a better future.

I am so grateful for coming across your site and book. Any advice on how and when I should tell mu boyfriend??? Do whatever will bring you peace. If it is weighing on you to tell your boyfriend, then tell him. Share with him what you are up to healthy lifestyle and ask him to join you on this new adventure. Hi, I also have HPV, that are genital warts. My Dr never said anything about the row of bumps I had on my vagina, so I figured it was nothing.

I went in for a check up and just out of curiosity asked her about it and she said oh that HPV. H p what????? I had never heard of HPVbefore. I did reasearch on the net about it, and it really has me depressed. I feel like my life is over. It seems like it gets worst everyday. Please, please help me get rid of of this horrible virus. Hello Renea…. I am 31, and I have one child. I am healed and Cured. I have the high risk strain and immediately after being diagnosed I did serious research. I hope you respond so we can talk one day. One of my good friends even has it so sweetie, clearly your not alone.

Please know that you are greatly appreciated. Help me, I have no debt card. I will gladly help anyone who ask , I will pay it forward with you as a role model. Please keep helping all that are in need. Thank you so much,. Beautiful so glad to find someone trying hard to get the solutions to the people. Hi Rose, thanks for writing. Managing stress and living a healthy lifestyle can keep the virus at bay, or dormant and this is important.

Blessings to you. There are specific foods and herbs that can be taken to help to boost the immmune system so that viruses such as HPV are not a threat to the body. God knows there are thousands of viruses, etc we are all susceptible to. And if your system is weak, then you can be affected by them. Whereas, if you have a strong, healthy system, you have much much higher chances of not being affected by HPV or any other dangerous virus.

I told myself when infected that my life was over and how stupid I was. Zeina you are to be seriously applauded on this books from your tip, exercises, mantras and affirmations, and recipes. I have seen all the bad stories and thought that my immune system will never allow me to heal the virus. Its going on the 3rd year. I am scared of living, dying, and loving my boyfriend intimately.

I will try to get your e-book, I really want to know about the foods to help the healing process. Again thank you for your information and your blessings,. I wish I could afford this book in 19 and been dealing with this for 3 years. My 21 year old daughter has had Hpv for over 4 yrs now and it is stage 2. She had a leep done past December and I still am concerned about her. I am not able to make a donation at this time. Wow how inspirational. I am a very positive, spiritual person so this has come as a shock to me. I searched for answers on the internet, and I found you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of giving. In the next couple of days I will order your book once I figure out how!! Hi Makaylia- please send me an alternate email. Your email bounced back when I tried sending you the ebook. Hopefully your book will bring me the answers that I need…Just want to know the process. I just made a donation but Im not sure how this works? Will you email the ebook to me? Did you receive my email? Also an HPV positive, although my PAPs are coming normal now, I do concern that I might give it to my partner even if the virus does not give me any symptoms and seems to be dormant.

It really feels as I am limiting my sex life, even being in a serious relationship, because there are still issues that have to do with safe sex practices and HPV e.

LEEP procedure: Uses, side effects, and recovery

Anyways, my issue is whether the virus is transmittable even in a dormant state. And my fear is that this is true, which means I will never be able to enjoy sexual experience free of worries. HI Eliana, thanks for writing. Yes, that is a legit concern. I felt the same way too. Reality is HPV exists and everyone, not just you and I, not have to consider it before having sexual experiences. It may be a good idea to limit sexual experiences to serious partners only. With casual interactions, holding hands and dry-humping only?

I think you can enjoy your sexual experiences- but true- things have changed- for all of us.. Just means you have to be more cautious and selective of who you engage in. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with HPV about 9 months ago. I have completely shut down my emotions. I avoid relationships at all cost.

This virus has ruined me.

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Just like everyone else I feel gross and dirty. I want my life back! I have no one to talk to about it. No family or friends who I can trust to not judge me. As long as you keep your immunity boosted, you are lowering your chances of repeated outbreaks.

Natural Treatments for HPV and Abnormal Paps

A Healthy lifestyle, right nutrition and regular sleep; foods such as tomatoes, garlic, fish and herbs such as ecinecea, Phyllanthus emblica, Hyperisince Mysorense are known to boost immunity. Most plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects. Make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Live clean and strengthen your immune system. Living with HPV is much easier if you have a healthy body. This prevents the warts from recurring and would go away completely from about six months to a year if you keep the good habit up. The common treatment for this virus has not been found yet and it is not possible to get rid of the virus completely.

The aim of treatment is to improve the immune system of the individual. Just want to say a big thank you to putting in the effort in writing about this topic. I have been dealing with this for 5 years now and trying my best to avoid treatment. Again, thanks so much!! I wish I found this years ago when I was scared and alone!

You are amazing! I am only 19 n I have been diagnosed of hpv. I am losing interest in life sometimes I even think about disappearing. I stumbled in your website n was wondering how long did it take you to completely get rid of the virus? Hi ive sent you an alternate email and ive made a donation for the book and i still havent recieved anything for a week.

I just tried to send it to you to two seperate emails. Hello, I am interested in your book but do not have a credit card. Is there any other way that I can donate to get a copy of this book?

There, I was diagnosed with cervical dysplashia and hpv around the first of January ,. I have been dealing with this for 3 months but I think I had this before I was pregnant as well and never knew about it. I feel so alone. I have a one year old and he is my motivation. We both have been having several arguments about this. I hope that this goes away soon.

Just giving an update of how things are going here…Amazing! Somehow before I got your book I was always focusing on the dis-ease…even though I know Im not supposed to,.. Well it itch so much sometimes you just cant focus! I was doing it fine before I got it.. In fact I was on my spiritual journey for a bout a year now before I got this and it strayed my focus aside.

But I do remember praying for a better health this , and I guess it was answered, just i didnt realize till now. Believe me or not but I have my reishi already before I got your book, thanx to prayers, it leads me to good things.. So after your book, which I also believe an answered prayer…it got me realigned back…having this is a blessing as Im eating only super food now and started exercising since a month ago..

I saw the self realization fellowship in your website and was surprised.. I have had HPV for a long time. I once had laser surgery to remove them, but they have returned. Especially if it could lead to cervical or other cancers. Is there any way to get the book in China? All I have is a Chinese debit card. I admire u and i really wanna help people from this! Vick, please email me at zeinasmidi mac.

I Had sex with my girlfriend , she is 17 yrs old and i am 22 right now! I suffered from genital warts,tiny ones more than a year back , and now they have dissapeared!! She belongs to the indian state of west bengal where people eat fish regularly, whereas shez not very fond of eating fruits and vegetables! What the! What should i do to get rid of this HPV coz it spiritually killin me or worst!

Hi, my names Vanessa from the US, I have a drs appointment tomorrow afternoon and a couple weeks ago i was checking things myself and i saw that I had unusual bumps around my labia. I had the gardisal vaccination when i was 16 and at 17 my papsmear came back normal. Im 19 now and the girl ive been seeing i think transferred it to me but she didnt have any symptoms does she have to have symptoms for me to get it from her or would my symptoms be the same as hers?

It makes me feel like im a whore and that people judge you but it just takes that one time with the wrong person even if they appear to be clean. Will it work for even though I think I do have warts? Or did your HPV become dormant? I had the Gardisal shot when I was 16, but im pretty sure she gave me warts she didnt have symptoms though which is why i never noticed I dont know what to do other than be stressed out and my emotions have been running crazy. Did you really cure yourself of this virus or did it become dormant again and if it does work can it work even though i may have warts?

I thought this kind of thing only happened to people who sleep around thats being very naive I know but I always thought it would never happen to me and I dont know what to do? HI Vanessa. The truth is most people who are sexually active will encounter HPV at some point. Some will kick it out of their system, some wont. It depends on your immune system and how healthy you are. There are foods and herbs you can intake to keep yourself healthy. Health is a lifestyle. Warts can disappear in a couple months if you follow the protocol in my book.

You have actually just saved my life. Thank you so much for your hopeful messages. The number one thing that is a worry for me is: Will I be able to settle down and make babies. It is crucial for me that I clear up my HPV, but you know…. I think like you said, this is a gift from God and a message from God, to clear up my life. But now I am a new woman, and I want to try my best to clean up my whole life, along with of course, the HPV that I carry.

I just ordered your book and I cannot wait to read it! Your book is great and I am so grateful I found it and that you even put it out there thank you so much it has brighted up my life when all I could see was dark. I am 26 and was diagnosed with hpv this summer. When i first got the news i was completely devastated knowing that hpv can lead to cervical cancer.

I still worry alot on how this is going to affect my life and how its can be transmitted so easily. You are such an inspiration. Your strength gives me hope for the future. Its still scarry but knowing that im not the only one going through this helps alot.

HPV Symptoms

I dont have a credit card so is there anyway i can send you money for your book? God bless xo. Yup, you can send a donation via mail. I just emailed you the ebook. Hi Zeina, I am 34 years old and have two kids. I was diagnosed HPV high risk three yeas ago. Pls help me kick out HPV from my body.

Thank you so much! This past year I have been trying to make permanent changes in my life. I stopped dating or trying to date and became abstinent and returned to my once strong spritual faith. I feel that I will forever be alone now… Who can I tell? This should be the happiest time of my life… Or so I was told…. I guess I somehow deserve this?? Oh, I so feel you girl. It is simply a virus. People get viruses from the air we breathe … we simply have a stigma around sexuality and feel shame about HPV because it is transmitted sexually. My daughter has hpv and had cin 3 for which she had treatment.

Follow up 6 months later shows she still has hpv and cin 1. She also now has abnormal vaginal cells and awaiting biopsy results. Confused, worried and feeling helpless. I know this must be a difficult time both for you and her. Has she read my book yet? Wanted to read into it a little. Are there any success stories who have used your book. No reviews on amazon. I released the book exactly one year ago- and I have started to receive success stories of people who have cleared their warts and gotten normal results back from their doctor, yay! I also know of many people who have done similar things I did and who have cleared it.

I have recently been diagnosed with HPV and I am freaking out… I am not so much worried about myself but about my boyfriend, because I believe I was the one passing on the virus, not the other way around.

Listen free for 30 days

What if something bad happens to him? I want to get rid of this… and also help him do it. I will try to buy your book… All the best to you! Payday is coming. Much love. Hi, i have had a papilloma for about a year and a half now. My first surgery June of My next surgery is schedule the end of Apr.

I am a new patient to this HPV. I am also a male, and do not know where this virus came from. It is growing on my vocal chords and I am 37 yrs old. I have left a donation and ordered the ebook. I hope this is my guide to my new life of being HPV free. If anyone could give me advise on how to cure this, please email me at roc gmail.

I wish you all the best!! Stay positive, believe in God, have a healthy lifestyle and you will be fine! I will ask my doctor on next visit. I recently had laser surgery, and recovering is coming along slowly but great. I went for my checkup today and my doctor told me to come back in 4 mon. It their another way we can determine the strain of my HPV other thn waiting 4 months on my next visit. I just found out my husband of 13 years has betrayed me and given me HPV.

How do I go about getting the eBook? Thank you for everything you do! I would love to have your ebook I have been struggling with this since age 17 I am 35 now and it has just came back I am ready to do what it takes to get My self healthy.. Hi I was formally diagnosed with HPV yesterday. I have had suspicions for months now and it has completely depressed me. I am a 20 year old college student and feel like I have been turned into a 30 year old from this disease. I have a long term boyfriend who I am so afraid to tell. I am afraid he will leave me.

I am also afraid to go to my regular doctors for pap smears now because my parents can never know. I was diagnosed in a family planning clinic and treated for the visible warts with the acidic treatment. My most intimate and private areas have become invaded with this disease…I want to love myself again. I want to love my female parts again that God gave me! I want to have a baby and not worry about all of this! I feel helpless and hopeless, but finding you on YouTube and this site is the closest thing I have to feeling slightly better at the moment.