The (Broken) Heart of a Man

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Take a look below at 5 ways to heal a broken heart that can easily put you on a path to a happier, healthier and more confident you. Take a couple of weeks off after the breakup to give yourself some individual time and to do whatever you want.

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Feel like grabbing a box of tissues and binge watching This is Us as you sob into a box of Oreos? Do it. Go for it! Taking some time to yourself can also be a great opportunity to purge your apartment of anything ex-related. There are positives in reclaiming your space and independence, which in turn can aid you in your quest to heal a broken heart. These couple of weeks are also a good time to cut off any communication that could stoke your heartache. Delete or hide your ex from all social media platforms, delete their number and any other contact platforms that would leave you tempted to reach out.

One thing that I also feel is important for me to mention is the therapeutic benefits of crying.

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According to research, women cry an average of 3. But if you need to cry — either alone or with a trusted friend or family member — it can be extremely healing to let it all out. A study found that crying releases oxytocin and other endorphins that alleviate pain. Speaking of endorphins, working out leads to a release of a whole slew of those lovely, feel-good hormones!

Structurally, endorphins are similar to morphine. Start exercising daily. Depending on your fitness level, this can be anything from strength training to a light jog. Incorporating daily fitness into your life can raise your self esteem while also providing a healthy outlet to distract you from the breakup.

Although it may be tempting to choose a six pack of beer over working on your own six pack, remember that alcohol consumption during a breakup should be extremely limited.

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Alcohol is a depressant , so turning to the bottle can be counterintuitive when trying to heal a broken heart. As time goes by and you are comfortable with your new exercise regime, you can slowly begin to incorporate group exercises to help you meet new people. Sign up for a class or join a running group. Group exercise is a great way to socialize and also encourages you to stick with the program because of accountability and a regular schedule.

13 Signs a Guy's Heart Has Broken

Although you are fully entitled to take some time for yourself, after a couple weeks of doing whatever you want, it is time to brave the outside world — with the support of friends and family, that is. Too much time alone can lead to extreme rumination , which can occur when there is nothing to distract you from thoughts about your ex and the breakup. At its worst, rumination is a dangerous thing that can lead to things like compulsive negative thinking, depression and even substance abuse. According to research conducted by Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, a professor of psychiatry and director of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research at Ohio State University, the stress of a breakup can actually lead to decreased immune function , depending on the seriousness of the relationship and the amount of psychological stress causes by the breakup.

In her research, Kiecolt-Glaser underlines the importance of having a social support system during these times of distress.

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Find fun activities to do that will take your mind off the pain. A simple night out can be enough to show you that — while it hurts now — life and happy times continue following a heartbreak.

You know how it is, man. Rob: Yeah, for the same reason that you missed her…because you lived with it for so long.

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Throughout the movie, the main character, Mike, does everything possible to get over his old girlfriend. Then he gets a date with Heather Graham.

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Is Broken Heart Syndrome Real?

Photo: GettyImages. Brent Stoller is a writer in Houston. In trying to expand their family, he and his wife, Emily, have endured three pregnancies, three lost pregnancies, and one continuous heartbreak. Yet they still hope to one day hold their own healthy child. For insights into how to cope with the traumas of infertility and pregnancy loss, visit www.

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