The One-Minute Brain Trainer : The Neuro-Psychology of Winning

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Hardwiring Happiness. Mindful Relationships. New Book. On this short episode, Dr. Jennie Rosier shares the most important thing she does, each day, for her own well-being.

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Friend or Foe? The Practice: Be friendly. Friendliness is a down-to-earth approach to others that is welcoming and positive. Think about a time when someone was friendly to you - maybe drawing you into a gathering, saying hello on the sidewalk, or smiling from across the room.

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How did that make you feel? Probably more included, comfortable, and at ease; safer; more open and warm-hearted. When you are friendly to others, you offer them these same benefits.

Plus you get rewarded yourself. It is a mechanism for survival. A primary brain region linked with attachment, however, is the ventral pallidum, which is more modern and higher up in the third scoop. This circuitry is linked to lifelong love. Your Brain on Road Rage Being pepper-sprayed, getting punched, and landing in jail are all outcomes of recent cases of … traffic incidents like tailgating. How is it that road rage can result in 12, injuries and even murders over a seven-year period, as a AAA report concluded? Blame a psychological quirk called fundamental attribution error.

The Beautiful Life of Your Brain

Our brains were built to overreact to a perceived threat. To bring this stress response under control, we can use our newer brain regions, like the prefrontal cortex, to regulate our older ones.

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  6. For example: Everyone has an involuntary reaction to a stressful situation like giving a public talk. But some people can recast that nervous energy as a positive force. Their higher brain regions allow them to reinterpret physical symptoms as a sign they are excited and ready to connect with the crowd.

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    Your Brain While Dreaming A participant came to a dream study with a dilemma. Then he dreamed he was in a plane flying over a map. The pilot said they were having engine trouble and needed a safe place to land.

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    However, that activity comes from a different distribution of brain regions. The motor cortex turns on, firing off movement commands that are countered by another area that paralyzes muscles during sleep. Not only does this new distribution of activity match the iconic features of dreams—visually rich environments where you perform over-the-top actions and events take bizarre twists—but it also makes dreams fertile ground for solving the problems of your waking life.

    Increased activity in the secondary visual cortex allows your dreaming mind to visualize new solutions to problems.

    Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons

    Then come up with a visual image representing the issue, and tell yourself you want to dream an answer. Of equal importance, keep a pad and pen by the bed, and write down your dream as soon as you wake up. When you recognize the tune—its name or where you last heard it—your auditory cortex is connecting with regions that handle memory retrieval.

    Why does something seemingly nonessential like music engage that life-promoting system? Scientists are still trying to figure that out, but what happens to your brain when you hear a song you love may provide some crucial insight. The practice can grow brain tissue, improving our moods and making us more resilient. Meditation seems to engage the most modern parts of the brain as well as the most ancient ones.

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    Another study showed that eight weeks of mindfulness meditation boosted gray matter density in several regions, including the hippocampus involved in learning and memory , and decreased gray matter density in the amygdala which plays a role in stress. Skip links Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Originally Published on sitename. Popular Videos.