The Secrets of Happily Married Women: How to Get More Out of Your Relationship by Doing Less

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Now 71 and 72, respectively, Charlie says, "It's important for couples to maintain sense of vanity" and take care of themselves as part of a happy marriage. That whole "better half" idea?

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Ditch it. Sherri loves cooking dinner — especially for Charlie. We went to a marriage counselor at one point because we were going in different directions and needed professional help. You always have to keep working on relationship. They married when they reconnected after college. People give up too soon, too easily. It's how you handle those lows together that makes the difference in life. There will be strains, yet it gets easier, and in many ways, better. It was important, and satisfying, to know that there's someone who genuinely cares about my wellbeing.

That's what love does. Fifty-three years after they walked the aisle, the Briers still grab each other's hands. No, it changes and is replaced with things just as satisfying and fulfilling. Texting, emailing, and messaging don't make couples' communication any clearer, says Judy Terry. Before smartphones, "you either said something or you didn't," when conflicts came up.

So the mom of four and husband Harold speak up because hashing out problems via keyboard is taking the "easy way out rather than talking about it face-to-face. It gets us started that day, then mostly we do everything together afterward. The Lakewood, Colorado, parents of four were neighbors and tied the knot when Judy was an year-old high school student. It's easy to spend way too much time working on all the small stuff. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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See a Problem?

Marriage vs. Klinenberg, Eric. Going Solo. New York: Penguin Press. Sarkisian, N. Does singlehood isolate or integrate? Examining the link between marital status and ties to kin, friends, and neighbors. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships , 33 , Fewer people are marrying. Senior men are unhappy with their social network and married people have constricted social networks.

Do we continue to champion marriage? If people have reduced or unsatisfactory social networks then it is inadvisable to force them into a legal commitment that will further reduce their friendship circles. A better solution that would keep people alive and healthy longer would be to make it easier and more acceptable for adults to create and sustain new friendships.

I like that Psychology Today has gotten away from the "Women Need To" posts about how women should change their behavior in order to win at marriage. But perhaps PT's worthy writers might consider writing posts about how adults can expand social networks successfully. Are you in first grade? Tell your mommy she should log out of the computer when she leaves the kitchen.

You re absolutely right. I am so tired of reading articles about how only conventional marriage will bring people longer lives etc. It just shows our society's bias towards the marriage supremacists. The only thing I don't like about being a never married older woman is that some people will still try to fix me up with some shlub because it makes the matchmaker more comfortable! Actually I don't understand how 'married men have more time to do what they want'.

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How would that even work? Last time I was in a relationship I spent most of my time doing things that benefitted my partner.

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Now I'm single I have more time for myself and if I want to help others I can do so if it is my decision. DEAD Wrong! Women tend to lie a lot more than men regarding their their single status and how content they are or in this case not lol with it. Fear is the exact reason why.

This isn't surprising. Now that women are getting educated and have financial freedom they have more options. When women have equal rights and equal power as men, equal education, equal ability to pursue a chosen career, earn a good living and be self-supporting, it seems that women more often than not choose to remain single or choose divorce if married. Somebody once wrote an article explaining this away, saying women are more organized than men therefore are more likely to hire the attorney and get on with their lives once a marriage becomes problematic.

I deeply disagree with this. Somebody really needs to do a study on this. And no, she is not any happier than she was before but she has fewer friends. Post-marriage, a husband realizes he gets to do less housework, less social planning and gets to assume a leadership role in a marriage, while he no longer has to foot the entire bill for all of his living expenses. This may still be a good deal for a married man regardless if a marriage is problematic, therefore a man is less likely to file for divorce. The world judges us single women of marriageable age but I'm not sad. Someday I may find the right person but until then I'm only worrying about my own chores and housework!

Women don't respect men and men are tired of your blameful blathering Has it ever occurred to any of you princesses that it took you doing all the chores to make it worth getting married?

Secret to a Happy Marriage: Put Your Spouse First

What possible benefit is there for marriage, for a man, if he has to do half the work and listen to all your crap too? Hey, dunce, sounds like you think the only woman you can get and would accept is one who does housework for you. You're setting your bar very low. My wife has multiple advanced degrees and brings home a hayuuge salary.

We pay people to do all the so-called "crap" around our house while I relax by the pool. In my case, I'm benefiting tremendously from women being able to go to school and get an advanced education. I have an advanced degree and I make a "hayuuge salary" and my wife stays at home and raises our children Good for you.

The Secrets of Happily Married Women

In our case, both my wife and I have advanced degrees, and we hired out child care to au pairs, cleaning to professional services, etc. It has all worked out very well. Wife and I also took turns working remotely from home so we could both be with our 4 kids a lot, and the au pairs gave us flexibility when meetings and business things suddenly came up. So yeah, I'm just responding to your dumb comment about having women doing work at home and your apparent use of that as a judgement of their "suitability". Made you sound like an idiot from the 's. So you put women down generally, and name call too.

Hey, if you're gonna name call, at least try to be accurate. Arrogant might better describe the tone of my response. And your attitude about women is also off. I love these furious responses to women saying meh, no thanks. Yeah, it's actually very pleasant not being bothered by men. Totally down with this. As for old age, I find single women are planning much better for this than men are. For one thing, a lot of us are actually mothers, and our kids tend to respect what we did to raise them on our own. They're there for us. We also think ahead to housing issues, how we'll get around, how we'll afford to live, what money will be there if we need assisted living.

We get the legal paperwork sorted because we're not so terrified by the idea of helplessness and needing care. The elders who really cause trouble and expense are the men who can't face aging and dying and rage at everyone who tries to help them. They won't find suitable arrangements when they're able, so when they get past that and must have help, it's a mad and expensive scramble, and meanwhile the guy keeps trying to interfere.

Yes, more women file for divorce, but that doesn't necessarily mean they choose to remain single more than men. Remember, the number of men who are married is exactly equal to the number of women who are married. Yes, actually, I am factoring in differences, especially in older ages, though I didn't say so explicitly.

Since women live longer, and since men tend to marry younger women, there is a huge disproportion of older women who can't find men of similar age. So perhaps we agree on some of those points. According to a Match. We don't know if most older women are busy trolling dating sites desperately seeking a suitable romantic partner but the match.

I don't think a match. I don't know how they did that "survey", but if you just surveyed the people who choose to go to that website, you're not going to get anything close to a representative survey of the population. The problem with older women trying to find companions and not finding them is not a new rumor or guess.

6 Behaviors That Kill Relationships (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

It's well known and has been discussed for years in advice columns where such women write in, and discussed in detail in demographic analyses and interviews in the thorough Chicago Sex Survey from about 20 years ago. The match. Helen Fisher from Rutgers University.

Its respondents were not match. Helen Fisher is highly respected so that sounds solid. But the results were apparently for all age groups. Actually quite the opposite. That survey was one of the most reliable ever, and its demographic truths about older people are just as valid today. It explains how the disparity in old age is amplified because once you eliminate all those who are attached in older age and the fact men tend to marry younger women, the remaining pools of unattached people are severely imbalanced.

It's just basic math and easily obtainable demographic facts, which are anything but "only anecdotal".

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  4. All it requires is a modicum of analytical thinking. So part of your post gave me a little giggle, the one about older single women all alone on the dance floor what with the remaining men running after younger women. How sad, right? Except now that I'm at this point, and my friends are, too, I got news. We're not single because the remaining men have lost interest.

    They're still interested. We, on the other hand, are just laughing and saying thanks, but no. Because we actually know what we're looking at now when these men come around. We know they want nurses, that they want taken care of. And oh so much ego fluffing. And odds are they're wrecks financially. And you can forget sex anyhow because they're dreaming about what they can do, only then you have to commit to jollying them through it, and oh my lord there goes the afternoon and they're still mopey afterwards.

    And you have to deal with all their ego fragility about aging. And the poor dears come a-courting thinking a nice row of dates somehow overcomes all this when we've already got nice lives, comfortable homes, lots of friends, good work, etc. I bet if you polled those older women, most would tell you they're quite content single and not out looking. Actually, you don't speak for all older women, though I'm sure you're speaking for yourself and like-minded friends.

    The survey documents many conversations with older women and, contrary to what you seem to be asserting, there are a number of older women who find it difficult to find a man, but wish they could. Of course, not any man, but the problem is the pickin's are slim. Well, what you seem to be saying is that there are few qualified men, which because of the demographics are very few because there are few men total. So, yes, your complaint is valid. But as one taxi driver in the survey said when asked why he didn't date women his own age, "I don't have to date older women -- with my pension, I can offer a younger woman a lot more than she can find with men her own age who are on the prowl for even younger women", etc.

    Not sure what kind of men you've been hanging out with, but there are men well into their 60's and 70's who are in excellent health, run in the increasingly-popular marathons, half-marathons, 10k's, etc. But you'd be right if you're suggesting that such men are very few. Which again goes to the truth of the dearth of men at that age. Your generalizations are kind of hilarious.

    Kind of silly like the men sitting at the bar complaining about how all women are this and that, nagging all the time, having gained weight, stopped being interested in sex, etc etc. Yeah yea yeah, we've heard it all. But the fact remains there are plenty of older women too who haven't lost interest in sex, in spite of the fact that menopause takes a big toll on many women in that regard, etc. Maybe, but the fact remains that there still aren't enough men to go around for the few women who are interested.

    And the proof of that is in how easy it is for older men to find women. It's just a demographic fact that for older men, the tables have turned, so to speak, from the early days of being a freshman on campus and finding that all the girls were preferring to date upperclassmen. Probably true for most menopausal women because loss of sex drive, thinning and dryness of vaginal skin, and pain with intercourse makes it uninteresting. You can giggle all you want and stay as single and uninvolved with men as you want.

    For older men, lack of exercise and lack of sexual use, whether through masturbation and partnered sex, is reduced sexual desire and difficulty with erections. For older women, lack of exercise and lack of sexual use, whether through masturbation, use of vaginal dialators, or partnered intercourse, etc. You may giggle all you want, but for many people, loss of interest in partnered sex, never mind unavailability of suitable partners, is not something they find very giggle-inducing.

    Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said "You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone! There are actually more men than women in the world, and more men than women in marriageable age groups.

    This has been exacerbated by mass migration which is mainly male and gender-selected abortion. Not only that, but women generally are not seeking mates after they have had kids.

    The Secrets of Happily Married Women: How to Get More Out of Your Relationship by Doing Less

    Thus, there are huge swaths of unattached males, which is feeding into the growth of the sex industry as well as civil unrest. The gender ratio is very close to even overall. In fact, among older people there are far more women than men. If migration resulted in more men in one area, then obviously there would be a surplus of women in the place they left, so that argument fails overall.

    Soooooo, Victim Viki, if you are: "uneducated, unequal, virtually chattel, without the same rights or the same power to direct their own lives as men have. The author was speaking about the entire world. So in the USA and Europe they have a lot of rights but travel outside of those regions and you will be shocked at how much power men still have over the lives of their wives, daughters and sons.

    Take those other options and spare some poor guy from a fate with the walking attitude problem that you are. It makes sense that the more well-educated, financially successful career women would be attracted to equally successful partners. But in my experience based on the couples I know whose marriage has lasted when two people have a lot in common to begin with including their culture, their education level, their financial success their marriage has a better chance of staying together longer.

    Once a marriage ends, women are much less likely than men to try marriage again. Just what other explanation could there be except skewed sex ratios at older ages with men dying younger? Because if it's not the ratio, then just who the heck are the men marrying??? The number of men who remarry has to exactly equal the number of women who remarry unless these older men are finding really young women who are not "remarrying" because they're marrying for the first time? Women are more likely to get married at least once than men.

    So the men that do marry may marry more than once. Think of it this way. Some men are marrying more than once women who only marry once. The problem is, that difference isn't great enough to account for what the author describes as "much less likely". If you're talking about older ages, at least that percentage of men aren't marrying for the simple reason that they're dead women live longer on average.

    And that's the ratio the author is referring to. The author has left it a logical mystery as to what could be the cause of this "much less likely" effect other than the ratio. In fact, according to statistics I've seen, the main reason women in older age don't remarry is because there simply aren't available men, period. Not only do men die younger, but the few men who aren't already hitched are looking for, and getting, younger women.

    The percentage of men who can actually GET a younger woman is relatively slim.